*UPDATED* Chief Deputy’s Boyfriend Post Election Promotion: It’s the ONLY OPTION

UPDATED:  One of my readers (hat tip to Kevin Bray) researched last years FC budget and saw no new positions at FCSO.  On 5/15/14 the Forsyth County manager announced the proposed budget which also has no new
positions for the sheriff department.  He then called Forsyth County Human Resources and they had made NO job posting for this position.  The reader asked the County Commissioners to explain how this postion was created.  This article was posted on both Commissioner Mark Baker and Bill Whiteheart’s FB page.  Will update again if we receive any response.

May 16, 2014
I saw an interesting picture from Folly Beach NC just yesterday.  It was of a beautiful NC sandy beach, carolina blue skies, beach walkers, foam tipped waves…and a 12 foot alligator basking in the sun at the edge of the surf.  Uh-huh…imagine that.  $35 new sunglasses.  $89 new bathing suit.  Dinner for a croci-gator.  Not so Perfect an idea of a vacation.

Not long after seeing the picture, I felt nudged to reflect on some interesting Forsyth County news received last week.  This pic forced me to reconsider the presence of a known danger hidden under the surface of one of our local government offices.   What better representation of danger than this picture of the idyllic beach setting and images of a crock rearing it’s dangerous head to the surface…in the midst of unsuspecting swimmers and the gay laughter of children playing at the water’s edge. 

Prior to the May 6 Primary, I published an article on Nepotism at the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. It was a futile attempt to wake up the slumbering public to serious long term issues at FCSO profligated by poor leadership.  I explicitly stated, 

Even if the incumbent is re-elected, someone
is going to have to stop this oncoming train wreck. 
A Sheriff
must minimize employee and citizen lawsuits.  Otherwise, Schatzman will
drive Forsyth County into bankruptcy.  The rank and file at FCSO must be
properly trained, supervised, and held accountable all the way to the
top.  Starting with the Sheriff.  The practice of nepotism and
fraternization at FCSO must be addressed.  If the Sheriff won’t do it,
then it is up to us…the people…to force change.

Add this new development to the reality of newly elected liberal county commissioner slated to take Mark Baker’s conservative position on the Board and we are left with little time to make hay on this serious issue. I’ve pulled a portion of the article necessary to understand the gravity of the most recent information.

Nepotism is not illegal. 
However, it is a bad business practice that will cause at the least hostility in the work
place.   Nepotism has not been addressed by the FCSO leadership.  It
has, in fact, been flagrantly allowed.  Because nepotism was allowed to
continue unabated…for years…it has become public knowledge
that the Chief Deputy in charge of FCSO is engaged in an ongoing sexual
relationship with a Sergeant.  This unchecked sexual fraternization between the Chief Deputy and a subordinate has the
potential to blow up Forsyth County’s budget via potential lawsuit (s), and it
is ignored daily by our Sheriff. 

Chief Deputy at FCSO is Brad
Stanley.   He has been employed with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office
since 1993.   He is second in command at FCSO.  He oversees all aspects of the sheriff’s office to include the Enforcement Bureau, Detention
Bureau, and Administration Bureau. 

Brad’s live in partner is
Van Loveland.  Loveland worked at FCSO from 2001 to 2005 when he quit to pursue
real estate.  He was rehired in 2006 to fill his old position.  Since
his rehire, he was promoted in ’07 to Corporal in Civil division, in ’08
promoted to Sergeant in Training division, and now serves as Sergeant on

The perception at FCSO is that
Brad Stanley promoted his romantic partner above more qualified
candidates. It is also the perception that Brad Stanley runs the FCSO, a
defacto sheriff if you will.  Take my word for it.  FCSO is a hostile
work environment.  How could it not be? 

The damage caused by the
uninhibited practice of nepotism to departmental functions and employees is
minor compared to the financial liability sexual fraternization may impose on
FCSO and Forsyth County taxpayers.  The first liability is the potential
for SEXUAL HARASSMENT charges should Van Loveland experience any unfavorable
tangible job action or intangible job action (see #3 above) while in a
sexual relationship with his superior.  

It appears Mr. Loveland
has Forsyth County between a rock and a hard place.  He can’t be
fired, reprimanded, written up, or demoted without potentially stirring up a
fiscal disaster for Forsyth County taxpayers. ( You really need to read the entire article to understand the complexity of this issue based on Supreme Court Ruling, Etc.)

As the last paragraph states, Mr. Loveland can’t be fired, reprimanded, written up, or demoted without the potential for trouble.  But he can, it seems, be promoted to Lieutenant in FCSO training division.  And he was.  Last week.  After the election.  As a matter of fact, the position of Lieutenant was created just for Loveland.  That’s right.  Isn’t that sweet!  Because Bill Schatzman got the thumbs up from Forsyth County, he made up a new position and most likely increased the pay scale for his Chief Deputy’s love interest.   This is a continuation of what has been historically presented as a complete failure of leadership and negligence that puts Forsyth County at risk for lawsuit and financial penalty.

Questions to ponder as a Forsyth County citizen:

  • Was Loveland given special consideration based on his sexual relationship with his boss?
  • Where any other qualified employees or employees more qualified than Loveland overlooked for promotion to this new position?
  • Did FCSO create new positions for other qualified employees?
  • Do employees perceive Loveland’s promotion as nepotism/favoritism that will ultimately, negatively reflects on their work ethic andservice to the public?
  • Should the FCSO be held to a HIGHER STANDARD in complying with Article VII Civil Rights Act of 1964/Supreme Court Rulings thereby setting AN EXAMPLE of an organization worthy of the PUBLIC TRUST since they are required to  ENFORCE these same laws on private citizens?
  • Does the sheriff have a fiduciary responsibility to STOP any behavior perceived as noncompliance with Title VII/Supreme Court to prevent potential lawsuits?
  • Should the Forsyth County Board of Commissioner’s step in and force FCSO to comply with Title VII/Supreme Court?

Questions to ponder as a human being:

  • Could I have sexual relations with one of my employees and get away with it at work?
  • Would I be fired if I participated in a sexual relationship with an employee?
  • Is my company/employer required to comply with Title VII/Supreme Court?
  • If my boss was having sex with my co-worker, and my co-worker was promoted (regardless of qualification) would I perceive the promotion as nepotism/favoritism?
  • Should any government office/official be held immune/exempt from the law for any reason?

Enough pontificating.  I really didn’t want to write this article.  It is much more fun playing outside in the garden, or for that matter, cleaning out the litter box.  Which, I might add, is another picture story highly applicable to this new turn of events.

Take my information for what it is.  It is a threat to the fiscal security of the county should the Chief Deputy’s boy toy get his feeling’s hurt.  It’s only money.  Your money.  But hey, the devil was knocking at the back door and Forsyth County invited him in…for the fourth time.

We would have been in better shape inviting that smiling, sun-worshipping Carolina crocodile in for some one on one snuggle time.

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