1 Kings 10-13: False Prophets Can Get you EATEN by Lion

Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 10-13

This was an interesting read on King Solomon’s life, his visit
from the Queen of Sheba, King Jeroboam’s life, and the ultimate break up of
Israel into 10 tribes.

There is a lot of historical info in these three
chapters but also a chance to dig deeper into spiritual issues such as
accumulation of wealth (prosperity), besetting sins, the importance of
Godly counsel from others, and leadership. I was most struck by the
parallel themes that dominate these three chapters. One could easily
only see the historical facts of these chapters and miss the deeper
spiritual lessons, particularly if one is a non Christian.

I am thankful God has opened my eyes allowing me to explore the depth
of His Word. In fact, in Chapter 13, the old prophet that confronted
Jeroboam in the temple is killed by a lion because he ignored God’s Word
and accepted the word of another prophet who claimed a false message
from God. Per NIV notes ” He died because he listened to a man who
claimed to have a message from God rather than to God himself.”

Lord, help me to recognize false prophets and apostate teachings.  Give me the strength of the LION to stand against evil.  Remind me daily that death by LION is a picture of eternal death in Hell should I fall prey to Satan’s manipulations. 

Thank you God for giving us the truth of your Word by which we can
compare all things. So many of us in America have been misled by false
doctrine that contradict your Word. Please protect us from these false
prophets Lord. May the Holy Spirit move each of us daily to pick up our
Bibles and gird ourselves with personal knowledge and relationship with
You. Be with all of us participating in this study Lord, uplift us, keep us safe,
and make your presence known to us. In your precious name, Amen

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