Out of Chaos, Into the Light!

May 7, 2014

Just letting everyone know that my posting will slow down considerably for awhile.  After spending the last two months behind a keyboard for sometimes 12 or more hours a day with writing and working social media…I’m taking a break.  I will make posts just not necessarily every day and not necessarily about politics.

Preparing 2014 Early Onions for Dehydrator

It is time to regroup and prioritize my focus from the chaos of a political campaign to more wholesome endeavors.  I plan to concentrate my summer with Bible study, faith blogging, gardening and playing in the dirt, food preservation, loving my family/friends, and regaining my health.  Having experienced the challenge of cancer, a severely broken arm, and finding myself face to face with my own mortality…I have no intention of wasting the time I have left.  We are all living on borrowed time.     

To honor God and give homage to the sad reality of the primary’s outcome (and what I see as a harbinger of our own self destruction), I’m starting my vacation reading Lamentations.  My version of a pity party LOL. Quoting the NIV,

“Jeremiah’s grief ran deep.  Called the “weeping prophet,” his tears flowed from a broken heart…he knew what lay ahead for Judah, his country, and for Jerusalem.”

If one studies the mega themes of the book of Lamentation (Old Testament), it is oddly comforting.  As we move beyond what this Christian sees as a disappointing primary outcome, we can see a parallel between our situation and that of the destruction of the nation of Judah.  God warned his people that to abandon him was to invite disaster.  Yet, with all the compassion of a loving father,  God used their self imposed destruction (and oh sister, they were destroyed big time) to draw his children closer to him in their plight for deliverance and forgiveness.  Was God angry?  Yes!  Did he still love his children?  Absolutely!  He was angry at their rebellion yet suffered when his children suffered.

Not only is our nation in rebellion to God, so is our county.  Even though 79% of Forsyth County residents claim to be Christian, the majority that voted went all in for a self described atheist over a Christian sheriff and replaced a prayer loving Christian Commissioner with a prayer critic (apostate).  Just as Jeremiah described in 586 BC, our sin is the cause of our misery in 2014, not God. It is self imposed.  Quoting my notes in the NIV, “The destruction of the nation shows the vanity of human glory and pride.”  

2014 First Fresh Lettuce/ Black Bean Salad from 2013 Home Canning

The good news?  Hope!  God has compassion for his children and is calling them into relationship with him!  He can use these negative situations to get our attention.  One day believers will be restored to a true and loving relationship with God.  Because of Christ’s death and his promise to return, we have a bright hope for tomorrow.

I rejoice that my name is written in heaven!

I’m off to the garden…the chickens need my attention and I need to pull something for supper.  Did I tell you I can see baby apples and the strawberries are coming in….

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