The Battle is NOT Over!!!

May 6, 2014
Patriot Wake Up Call

We must be on guard in North Carolina!  Christianity is being attacked RIGHT NOW…at the polls…as folks choose between candidates who support public prayer at county meetings (Mark Baker) and candidates who decry Christian prayer at public meetings (Don Martin).

It is not just about freedom to exercise religion anymore.  Quoting Dr. James White at

There is a real concern that the growing insistence that faith be
privatized has now become a demand for faith to be compromised. It’s not
enough that your beliefs can’t influence society; you must also embrace
society’s beliefs.
As Jonah Goldberg noted in USA Today, the opposition to many Christian values has become an “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” mentality. 

He goes on to use ObamaCare as an example of government coercion, requiring Christians and Christian institutions to participate in the tacit approval via being forced to finance contraception and pro-choice medical interventions. 

From Fox News Virginia Proposal Would Limit Size of Gatherings in Private Homes

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Also from Fox News AZ Man Facing Jail for Hosting Home Bible Study

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Ongoing is the fight in King, via Christian Action League King NC Sued over Christian Flag

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In Charlotte, Apostate Churches are Operating in Defiance of God’s Word (the Bible) via The New Civil Rights Movement Christian Church Sues NC for Violating it’s Religious Liberty

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These are just a FEW examples of attacks on Christians both locally and nationwide.  We must be vigilant.  Today you can vote for candidates who support prayer.  Our candidate may not win but tomorrow the battle still rages.

We can’t stop the advancement of the world towards total depravity.  We CAN be soldier’s in the army of God.   This is our purpose.  The primary is over today.  Win, lose, or runoff, I will see you on the battlefield tomorrow.

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