Supreme Court Disagrees With DON MARTIN!

May 5, 2014

On Tuesday April 15, 2014 at the Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce and Winston Salem Journal debate, Commissioner candidates Mark Baker and Don Martin were asked their position on Christian prayer at Board of Commissioners meetings.  Their responses were documented in my previous report and were as follows:

 Mark Baker…supported prayer at meetings, saying it was a matter of free
speech.  Then comes Don Martin…offering a far more liberal response than CHANGE spokesperson Witherspoon(D)
He [Martin] emphatically pointed out that Christian prayer by Board members was
NOT about freedom of speech but “the advancement of one religion over

NEWS FLASH!!!!!! From Fox News: The Supreme Court has upheld the right of local officials to open town council meetings with prayer, ruling that these do not violate the Constitution even if they routinely stress Christianity.

Take THAT you liberal skunk.

Restating my previous opinion of your ANTI-Christian political stance:

The County Board of Commissioner’s is supposed to represent the community.  North Carolina is 79% Christian with 10% non-religious and only 3% other religions.  Only a liberal would suggest 79% back down to the 3%.  You need to take a hike down to the BOE and register yourself as a
“Republican Reject.”  This is our
community and we intend to take it back from liberal judges and
infiltrating socialist bureaucrats [like YOU].

I am fed up.  I hope Forsyth County is fed up as well.  If you are one of the 79% of Forsyth County Christian citizens, I challenge you to stand up for PUBLIC Prayer at County Commissioner Meetings and VOTE Mark Baker for County Commissioner.

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