UPDATE: FCSO Twitter Faux Pas: Pic Taken Down

May 2, 2014
A question for Forsyth County.  Why is Forsyth County Sheriff’s Sergeant Van Loveland photographing an elderly woman at an ATM machine and posting her pic on twitter?   Sergeant Loveland did nothing to protect her privacy.  Twitter Pic here.
(Update:  It took TWO days but finally Mr. Loveland removed the picture of the elderly woman at the ATM from his Twitter feed.  I’m sure she and her family appreciate the consideration.  I do have a screen shot of this twitter thread/pic but rather than post it here, I chose not to invade this woman’s privacy any further.  Should FCSO Internal Affairs need a COPY of the picture, let me know in the comment section and I will get in touch.)
If this was my elderly mom or ME, I would consider a man with a camera photographing my financial activities an invasion of my privacy…particularly at an outdoor ATM.  Furthermore, with the rise in ATM robberies, I would feel THREATENED should I observe my picture being taken by a stranger. 

While not illegal, this is not the behavior I expect out of our local law enforcement.  What is up with the training at FCSO and will this Sergeant get away with it because he is in a relationship with the Chief Deputy?

If you are conducting business at a Forsyth County ATM and someone takes your picture, hopefully it is only FCSO Sgt.Van Loveland making fun of you and not a criminal setting up a strong arm robbery. 

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