Retired NCSHP Endorses Griffith

As a retired Sergeant with the North Carolina Highway
Patrol, law enforcement instructor, and supervisor of sworn and civilian
employees, I recognize what it takes to be Sheriff of Forsyth County.  Dave Griffith has what it takes and
more.  My 34 plus years of law
enforcement taught me to recognize team players.  Dave Griffith is a team player and it shows.  He is held in high esteem and respected by
his peers, his former subordinates, a respect that extends into other NC law
enforcement agencies.  Essential to law
enforcement effectiveness is the ability to work with other agencies.  Dave’s experience, his contacts within the
law enforcement community and his willingness to work with outside agencies
will make Forsyth County citizens safer.
Our mission on the North Carolina Highway Patrol “is to
reduce collisions and make the highways of North Carolina as safe as possible.”  Part of accomplishing this mission was
keeping impaired drivers off the road.  We often created checkpoints to that end and many times invited the
Forsyth County Sheriff’s office to participate.  Local police most always participated in these events while the
Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office seldom showed up.  As former NCSHP, we were expected to work in unison with all
state, federal, city, and county law enforcement agencies.  I am convinced that Dave Griffith will
restore teamwork to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s office.

As retired NCSHP, it is difficult for me to support anyone
in public service who has an admitted personal history of operating a vehicle
after consuming alcohol.  My posture on
this is based on numerous eyewitness accounts of accident scenes and
unnecessary death and injury, the direct result of Driving While Impaired. 

Dave Griffith will restore professionalism to our Sheriff’s
office.  He has a history of
collaboration with multiple law enforcement agencies.  He is respected both inside and outside the law enforcement
community.  He has the qualifications
and experience for the job.  He holds
himself to a high standard and will hold his subordinates accountable with
fairness and consistency.
Without question, I endorse Dave Griffith for Forsyth County
Sergeant Rodney Robles (NCSHP RET)
Kernersville, North Carolina

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