Mark Baker WILL NOT WASTE NC Money on FAILED Social Engineering Programs: CommonCore Martin REJECTED

It looks like North Carolina will be spending the next year undoing the damage done to our children and school system by CommonCore advocates like Don Martin.   Yesterday, a state legislative commission proposed that North Carolina drop Common Core, kick the feds out of our state education process, and replace with standards that meet North Carolina’s needs.

CommonCore “one size fits all” big government liberals like Martin always cost YOU money.  He and his cronies have cost our state several years and millions of dollars to train
teachers and implement these new standards.  They were approved prior to Martin’s retirement and implemented in fall
2012.  But alas, like yesterday’s garbage, CommonCore began to stink, and NC had to throw it out.  THIS WAS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME, MONEY AND RESOURCES!

A true liberal wolf wearing the Republican brand, CommonCore Martin has every plan to further his tax and spend agenda should he defeat COMMON SENSE candidate Mark Baker in the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners race. 

Unlike his challenger, Mark Baker is a true fiscal conservative.  Forsyth County tax payers will NOT be footing a bill for failed social engineering programs with Mark Baker in office.

The CommonCore Challenger, on the other hand, is literally crouched in anticipation of his leap towards your wallet.  Already in collusion with in-your-face liberal democrats like Everette Witherspoon and his ilk, the CommonCore challenger has made clear his intent to spend more on education, give away our money for corporate tax incentives, and commit our taxes to what he feels is the governments role to “improve quality of life.”

Mark has been endorsed by many of our public servants including State Senator Joyce Krawiec.  Joyce has been active in the fight to remove the blight of CommonCore from out school systems.  As a lead into my next article, Joyce sent the following update to our FB group “Be UnCommon, End CommonCore.”

I want to thank all of those who have devoted so much time and talent
to the Common Core fight. I have not had a chance to read through
everyone’s comments, but I am baffled by those criticizing what happened
yesterday in the Study Comm. Kudo’s to all of the committee members who
have taken on this fight. Especially, Rep. Larry Pittman and Sen. Jerry
Tillman. I was in the committee meeting
yesterday and there comments were so encouraging. I am a little puzzled
by those who are critical of the actions yesterday. What would you
prefer to see happen? Yesterdays actions were exactly what should have
happened. I have been in this fight with all of you for a very long
time and I am ecstatic.. I know it’s jut the first step. But it’s a Huge
Leap. I am concerned that some of us are “high fiving” Earline Parmon
who has never seen a government program she didn’t love. That is a
little odd to me. We should celebrate victories when we find them and
this is ABSOLUTELY A VICTORY, in my opinion.

Thank you Joyce for all you have done for our children across the state.  SHAME on Don Martin for costing NC all this wasted time and money.

Vote the ONLY CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE…Vote Mark Baker County Commissioner.


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