Forsyth County Primary Endorsements and Candidate Information

April 24, 2014

Early voting has started.  Click picture for voting locations, dates, and times.

The following names are those whom I endorse based on personal contact, collaborative discussion with other Christian Conservatives, and research.  The qualifications I seek are fiscal conservatism, Christian foundation/lifestyle, deep respect and understanding of the Constitution and limited government, 1st Amendment Advocate (speech), Strong 2nd amendment advocate (which includes information/endorsements from the Gun Owners of America, National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) and Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) and EXCLUDES THE NRA) and COURAGE…to stand against tyranny.  I call it the 5 C’s – Conservative, Christian, Constitutional, Courageous, Committed.  I also take a HARD look at their positions on ObamaCare and Illegal Immigration.  My position is ObamaCare needs to be ELIMINATED (and those responsible removed from government) and US Borders shut down and defended.  Illegal means ILLEGAL!  I declare myself a citizen volunteer on the Baker and Griffith campaigns and an independent blogger. 

Below is a breakdown of US Senate Candidates.  I can support any of them EXCEPT Thom Tillis.  This has been a contentious primary and will probably move into a runoff.  I am so proud of the overall quality of our candidates in the Primary 2014! 

Greg Brannon...has the 5 C’s,  Endorsed by Gun Owners of America, National Association of Gun Rights and Grass Roots North Carolina, Endorsed by Senator Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Mark Levin, and other individuals, Tea Party Patriots.

If Greg loses this race, I invite him to run against Richard Burr in 2016.   We need people like you in public office!

Mark Harris …has the 5 C’s, Endorsed by Mike Huckabee, Family Research Council, National Organization for Marriage, Sen. Robin Hayes, Congressman John Conlan, and other individuals

If Mark loses this race, I invite him to run against Richard Burr in 2016.   We need people like you in public office!

Heather Grant…has the  5 C’s

If Heather loses this race, I invite her to run against Richard Burr in 2016.   We need people like you in public office! 

I cannot support Thom Tillis based on his 2nd amendment weakness and his efforts towards raising our taxes in NC via Toll Roads. 

US House of Representatives….It is between Virginia Foxx and Phillip Doyle.  Foxx has the incumbent advantage over Phillip Doyle, a newcomer that is hanging his hat on the Constitution and Limited government.  Personally, I have been VERY disappointed in some of Foxx’s votes and the responses I have received from the Foxx headquarters over the past 4 years.  I am pleased to see competition step up to the plate.  As an aside, I pray daily that Richard Burr will face strong competition in 2016.

NC Senate District 31…  Krawiec all the way (endorsed by GRNC, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee of North Carolina, Winston Salem Journal )

Board of Commissioners…  Baker all the way (Endorsed by State Representative Debra Conrad, State Senator Joyce
Krawiec, School Board members Buddy Collins, Irene May, Jeannie Metcalf,  Mayors Doc Davis of Walkertown, Billy McHone
ofTobaccovilee, Nick Nelson of Clemmons, City Council Keith Hooker and Dana
Caudil Jones of Kville, Mike Rogers of Clemmons, Lori Shore Smith of
Tobaccoville, Jeff Zenger of Lewisville.

Board of Educations…NOT SINGLETARY.  Vote Jeanne Metcalf, Irene May, Dana Caudill Jones, Lori Goins-Clark

Sheriff…Dave Griffith (endorsed by GRNC, Kville Police Chief Scott Cunningham, To many to list individuals Retired and Active Military, LEO, and US Marshall’s and ME)

NC Supreme Court Conservative…I’m voting Doran (endorsed by GRNC)  Levinson is conservative too.

District 21 Court Judge Conservative…Kazakos

NC Superior Court Judge 21A…Gottleib

Vote early!

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