A Message to the Kilby Campaign for Sheriff

April 23, 2014

http://www.davegriffith4sheriff.com/index.php/223Early voting starts tomorrow and it is time to get serious with your vote
for Sheriff.  I have written several
articles outlining WHY it is important to make up one’s mind as to the desired
outcome of this race.

Specifically, do you or do you not want to re-elect Bill Schatzman for a
fourth term

It has been clear to the Griffith campaign that Kilby was a “spoiler” in the
Forsyth County race for Sheriff.  We did
not make this claim based on any personal grievance or political
propoganda.  We categorized Kilby as a
spoiler based on a poll we commissioned by well known pollsters Telopinion
out of Alexandria VA. 

Telopinion Research is a reputable polling firm used by no less than NC Governor Pat McCrory, United States Senator Richard Burr, and the NC GOP.  We conducted the poll for the Griffith
Campaign in December 2013.
Based on the results of this poll, Dave Griffith made the decision to run
for Sheriff of Forsyth County.

I will only be sharing the results as they relate to Clif Kilby.  This poll is based on likely voters of which
our sample breaks down to 82% registered REPUBLICAN and 18% UNAFFILIATED. 

Now for the numbers.  A total of 89% who have zero knowledge/opinion of Kilby even after he
has actively campaigned for two years. 
It gets worse. 

Of the few who knew of Kilby, more than 57% polled as UNFAVORABLE.

How many Recognized Kilby’s name?  
Of the likely voters polled, only 3% net polled favorable for Kilby.  Of that 3% favorable rating, only 40% of the
favorables are “strongly favorable.” 
Fully 60% of Kilbys potential 3% are “somewhat favorable.”  This is NOT a position of strength but of

Think about it, his potential 3% of the votes is wobbly by

The current ratio of favorable to unfavorable for Kilby is 1.8:1.  I shall define favorable as a vote for Kilby
and unfavorable as a vote against Kilby (for another candidate). 

This ratio means, of 2.8 folks who know Kilby, 1.8 would vote for
him and one would vote against him.  Put
another way, there is less than two votes for Kilby for every vote against
him.  If the 1.8 was much lower, every
vote for Kilby would be cancelled by a vote against him.

So how does Kilby’s name recognition ratio (NRR) compare to the other
candidates in our poll?

Of Kilby’s 3% NRR, for every 1.8 votes for, one will vote against him
Of Griffith’s % NRR, for every 9.2 votes for, one will vote against him
Of Schatzman’s %NRR, for every 3.5 votes for, one will vote against him

So here is the deal.  We have an
incumbent who has been sued by the US Department of Justice for the unlawful
firing of an active duty war veteran and cost the taxpayers over $150,000.  We have an incumbent who has promoted a liberal
democrat through the ranks to run the Sheriff’s department.  We have an incumbent who has allowed cronyism and nepotism to run rampant in the Sheriff’s office.  We have an incumbent who has made life hell
for hundreds of Forsyth County Sheriff’s office employees who have been fired
or threatened.  We have an incumbent who
has failed at keeping track of 500 sex offenders in Forsyth County.  We have an incumbent who has ADMITTED
drinking and driving in an official Forsyth county car.


Clif Kilby does not have a chance to win this election.  He didn’t have a chance when this poll was
taken and he doesn’t have a chance now. Signs do not vote.  People vote.  This is nothing personal against Kilby.
No one has anything against him.  These are simply the facts.  The numbers of likely voters point out THE ONLY CANDIDATE WHO CAN BEAT THE

When you are in front of the voting booth…standing alone…looking down at your ballot…think about what
you are doing.  Your vote is
private.  No one will EVER know for whom
you vote unless you tell them.  Make the
right decision.  DON’T VOTE FOR
SCHATZMAN by voting for Kilby. 

Forsyth County deserves better and so do you and all those families that depend on the Sheriff’s department for their livelihood..

I don’t know what else to say except for this.  If Schatzman gets back in, and you
voted for Kilby, it will be your fault all the men and women abused by this
sheriff or his democrat chief deputy over the next four years.  If
Schatzman gets back in, and you voted for Kilby, it will be YOUR fault if
Schatzman steps aside (considering his current health conditions, this is a
huge possibility) and Brad is appointed Sheriff.

personally would not want to carry that guilt on my shoulders.  Do the right thing.  Love your friend Clif but vote Dave
Griffith for Sheriff.  This is it.  May 6.  Our only chance to get
the incumbent out of office.


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