The REAL DEAL Joyce Krawiec Speaks Out on Vehicle Mileage Tax

April 19, 2014

Senator Joyce Krawiec is seeking a second term in the NC Senate District 31.  A seasoned activist and Christian Conservative, there is no one more qualified than she to hold the public trust.  I wholeheartedly support Sen. Krawiec in her race and suggest that all citizens take the time to visit her website, join her Facebook page, or check out her NC General Assembly page.

Before her Senate post, Joyce served as Grass Roots Activism chair of the NC Federation of
Republican Women, past Legislative Chair, New Membership Director and as
Regional Vice President. She is a former President of Forsyth County
Republican Women and has served on several committees of the National
Federation of Republican Women.  She has served as Vice-Chair of the North Carolina Republican Party and was recently appointed by Governor McCrory to the Council for Women.

Take my word for it.  This lady drives the liberals INSANE!  She was the former Grassroots Coordinator for FreedomWorks.  Libs just hiss and spit when they describe this awesome group (and Joyce) as “corporate astro-turfing front group”  founded by “the Koch Brothers” (Stinky Harry’s favorite word) in cahoots with “conspiracy monger Glenn Beck” and “Radio King Rush Limbaugh.” That the liberals “hate” her along with such great company is plenty enough for my vote!  

Joyce is fearless and has dedicated her time and efforts to holding government accountable to the people of North Carolina.  If that alone is not enough proof that Joyce Krawiec is the REAL DEAL,
her willingness to call a spade a spade should seal the deal.  When Joyce refers to Democrats as “a bunch of spoiled children” or calls out liberal NC politicians as “nuts”, the left goes apoplectic.   I, on the other hand, take great joy in her willingness to speak TRUTH with no regard for the blow back.

One of my Bible Study friends contacted Joyce concerning the Vehicle Mileage Tax being bandied about the NC legislature/press lately.  Of all the reps cc’d, so far only Joyce has responded.  As more responses come in, I will publish them here.

I look forward to hearing about Joyce’s research into the source of this proposed tax and thank her for her efforts.  This tax is a bad idea.  See letter and response below.  All bold is mine and a big thanks to my friend “Norm” for the hat tip.

From: “Sen. Joyce Krawiec” <>
Subject: RE: Vehicle Mileage Tax
Date: April 18, 2014 at 1:25:28 PM EDT
To: redacted’ 

Mr. ‘redacted,’

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Vehicle Mileage Tax Proposal. I appreciate your sentiments and enjoyed reading your analysis.

I agree wholeheartedly that Government at all levels is way too big and spends way too much of our money. You are correct in your comments that businesses and families have to live within their means. Too often, some in government think that there is a continuous never ending “pile of money” and that it’s appropriate to “just cut another hole in the taxpayers pocket.” I do not agree with that analysis.

I can not answer your question as to where this idea, of a Vehicle Mileage Tax, originated. At this point, I believe that it is merely 1 suggestion from DOT. I am not certain if it has progressed any further. There is certainly much to be learned about the details. I will be looking into more of the details and will try to get some answers to your question.

My first thought is that this proposal is way too intrusive. Not only from a financial standpoint, but also as a privacy concern.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with me. Please continue to contact me with any concerns that you may have.

Sen. Joyce Krawiec

—–Original Message—–
From:  redacted
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2014 12:58 PM
To: Rep. Debra Conrad; Rep. Edward Hanes; Rep. Julia Howard; Rep. Donny Lambeth; Rep. Evelyn Terry; Sen. Joyce Krawiec; Sen. Earline W. Parmon
Subject: Vehicle Mileage Tax

As if the people of North Carolina do not have enough financial burdens: more taxes from the Federal government-UnAffordable Health Care Law, cost of living increases on food, fuel, housing, etc.; our so called representatives in the state legislature want to add another tax to the people of North Carolina: Vehicle Mileage Tax.

Supposedly, the NCDOT is underfunded on many or some of their road projects.  Has anyone considered efficiency and effectiveness of operations instead of burdening the taxpayer with another tax?  If a business operated the way our Federal and State governments operate, most business would be bankrupt. 

Most families today and businesses realize that they have to continuously evaluate their expenditures and revenues and operate within the limits of their revenues in order to maintain financial stability. Consumers and businesses alike do not have an endless source of revenue from which they draw.

Not so with our State and Federal governments.  Why to our so called representatives the quick solution for any shortage of funds is to simply add another tax!.  Forget efficiency and effectiveness! Why such efforts as that would actually require some State or Federal employee to earn the value of their of compensation-imagine that!

Just appalling as the tax is the method being considered for enforcement of the VMT: the Orwellian tactic of placing GPS technology on every vehicle.  I assume you are taking lessons from the Obama NSA and IRS. 

Why don’t you have someone to review the NCDOT’s operations and their efficiency.  If the funds are actually needed (I question the need), there has to be a better way to obtain the funds. 

I firmly believe the people of North Carolinas and the people of America are absolutely disgusted with elected officials wasting our tax dollars; then, imposing more taxes to cover the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of government operations.

The majority of the economic and social issues that exist in this country today have been and are created by elected officials.  Those same elected officials have the audacity to offer solutions to the problems that they created, often times creating more problems; then blaming anyone and everyone for their failures!

NO to the Vehicle Mileage Tax and the proposed Orwellian tactics of enforcing the tax.

By the way, if you are willing to provide the information, who proposed the VMT? Names of the representatives.

Take Care and God Bless


To donate to Joyce Krawiec go here, to sign up for her newsletter or volunteer go here.

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