Mark Baker: The ONLY Conservative Running For County Commissioner

April 17,2014

Tuesday nights Chamber event highlighting the County Commissioner Race was quite interesting.   Entertaining would be a good way to describe it.  The panel consisted of two challengers per district with incumbents Mark Baker and Everette Witherspoon defending their seats.

Both District A challengers were  Democrats.  The most entertaining quip of the night occurred when moderators asked Witherspoon, who was seated “on the far right” to respond first.  Without missing a beat, he laughed and said “Never in my life have I been associated with the far right.  I am liberal and I am a Democrat!”  One has to admire his truthfulness, and his humor even if one doesn’t agree with his politics.   

This article will focus on District B Candidates, both of whom are Republicans.  Incumbent Mark Baker, Principal of Salem Baptist High School and past Tobaccoville City Councilman, replaced Debra Conrad on the board when she moved on to the NC Legislature.  Challenger Don Martin recently retired from 19 years as Winston Salem Forsyth County School’s (WSFCS) Superintendent.  During his tenure as Superintendent, Martin supported, participated in, and defended the introduction of Systems Thinking and Common Core to WSFCS System.

Don Martin’s Voter History

I did a bit of research on Martin prior to the Chamber event.   Since North Carolina voter records are in the public domain, I searched Don Martin’s name.  It appears he has not voted in a Tobaccoville municipal election in at least 10 years.   He seeks to serve in a public elected position yet never bothered to vote in his own home town.  Interesting.  Mark Baker, on the other hand, has been in public service, both on Tobaccoville’s Town Council and the Forsyth County Board of Commissioner’s.  This should be taken into consideration when deciding between these two men.

During the debate, Mark’s philosophy as it relates to the Board of Commissioners was on point and very consistent throughout the hour long program.

Though both District B candidates claimed themselves Republican, Martin was actually quite Moderate/Democrat in his discourse and demeanor.  Take a look at this statement by Martin.

It was not simply the above statement by Martin.  His theme was characterized by the need to spend money.  The totality of an hour of discourse drove me to a firm conclusion.  Except for Mark Baker, the men running for County Commissioner seats A & B are cocked and ready to back up a truck to YOUR city budget, load it down with YOUR tax dollars, haul it downtown and dump it.  One pile for the arts.  Another pile for the “I don’t want to work crowd and I need more free healthcare on top of my free ObamaCare.”  There is a big pile earmarked “incentives” intended to make Forsyth County a tax free nirvana for business at your expense.  Most relative to District B, will be the pile of money to fund the new sign over the Commissioner Chamber entrance repositioning the Commissioner’s mission statement as “Don Martin’s Education Fund.”  Though they didn’t mention it, somewhere in there is another pile for a useless and very expensive downtown trolley.

I KNOW Martin’s pet project is education…one would expect this out of a retired school super, but good grief, practically every single answer he presented at the debate ended up at the intersection of “our schools need money” and “our schools need more money.”  Whether our schools need money or not, this gentleman seems confused that our County Commissioner’s are responsible for MORE than funding the school system.  They must maintain a balanced approach.  There is more to Forsyth County than Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools.  Martin will not be balanced in his fiscal decision making for the county. 

Martin stated his belief that “the business of government is to serve quality of life.”  This is where ALL conservatives should jump ship.  Espousing a social utopia where government planning can be relied upon to improve quality of life is not realistic.   

Baker believes the key to quality of life is job creation.  Martin believes improving quality of life via Board of Commissioner funding is the answer.  Take my word for it.  If Martin gets into office, the liberal rush for pet project funding will be like Walmart on Black Friday.  
If our county is dominated by big government liberalism run amok, we will be highly attractive…to public sector workers but few others.  If elected officials’ are unable to budget
responsibly, it will result in the loss of quality of life for everyone
except the government’s favored interest groups.  It will NOT improve my quality of life if big government planners take my money via taxation and give it away so that others can have improved quality of life at my expense.

Mark Baker was clearly the only Conservative at the table. In fact, the Conservative balance of the Board of Commissioners, made possible by Mark Baker’s appointment in the stead of Debra Conrad, was pointed out several times by Democrat Everette Witherspoon.  Citing his experience as a sitting board member, he pointed out his support of the “efficient” nature of the board, yet suggested there was a big difference between efficient and conservative.  Witherspoon called the current Commissioners very “conservative” and in need of a more liberal direction.  Witherspoon voiced support of efficiency in government, such as “efficiently” raising taxes, efficiently increasing services, and efficiently providing more money for those less fortunate in the city limits, with overall more efficient increased spending, 

Readers may recognize Witherspoon’s name from my 2010 articles at the now defunct Conservative Shepherd website.  I wrote an entire series on Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE) back in 2010 when the group was trying to take over the school board.  Witherspoon is a HUGE power player behind this Saul Alinsky, Industrial Areas Foundation, socialist movement.  They operate out of the basement of Green Street Methodist Church downtown Winston and have infiltrated Winston Salem city government via their membership from over 52 local predominantly black churches.  They held the Forsyth County Board of Elections hostage through the influence of past BOE Co-Chair Linda Sutton and have undue socialist influence over the Winston Salem City Council and Mayor Alan Joines.  My point…Everette Witherspoon makes most liberals look moderate

I point this out because “in your face” liberal Democrat Witherspoon and “Republican” Martin appeared to be in agreement on many subjects, nodded affectionately at each others suggestions, particularly as it pertained to spending money on the arts, the poor, downtown (which is code for trolley), and publicly financed incentives.

Oddly enough, when moderators asked each candidate to speak on prayer at County Commission meetings, Witherspoon suggested we not focus on prayer because we had bigger issues to be concerned about.  A fair response I thought, for a socialist that is.  Mark Baker, on the other hand, supported prayer at meetings, saying it was a matter of free speech.  Then comes Don Martin, slapping at Baker like a little girl, offering a far more liberal response than CHANGE spokesperson Witherspoon.  He emphatically pointed out that Christian prayer by Board members was NOT about freedom of speech but “the advancement of one religion over another.”

I will be honest.  Towards the end of the event I was muttering to myself.  Kind of like a low information voter blackout but with memory retention.  “Well, well, well,” I said to myself.  “‘What do ya know…we’ve got us a closet socialist democrat apostate trying to dress up like a Republican.”

I’m tell’n you people.  You had better spread the word or this FAKE is going to sneak his way into your pocketbook.    He is admittedly running on name recognition, intends to change the balance of the conservative county board to spendthrift liberal, and he is trying to do it under the cover of calling himself a “Republican.” 
I have a personal message for Mr. Martin about this prayer business.  The County Board of Commissioner’s is supposed to REPRESENT the COMMUNITY.  North Carolina is 79% Christian with 10% non-religious and only 3% other religions.  ONLY A LIBERAL WOULD SUGGEST 79% BACK DOWN TO THE 3%.  You need to take a hike down to the BOE and register yourself as a “Republican Reject.”  And you can take this to the bank too…most of us don’t give a flip what the Supreme Court says about this.  It is our community and we intend to take it back from liberal judges and infiltrating socialist bureaucrats.

Mark Baker has done an excellent job on the Board for District B.  His focus is on the efficiency of government as it pertains to getting government out of the way of business, funding education and infrastructure, and attracting jobs to our community.  I’ll close out this article with a short clip of Mark.

Vote Mark Baker District B County Commissioner.  For more information on the County Commissioner Race and Conservative Constitutionalist Mark Baker go here, here, here, here, and here.

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