Schatzman Blows Smoke: The Heat is On

April 17, 2014

The Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce and Winston Salem Journal co-hosted a candidates debate on April 16, 2014. The room was filled with spectators during the Sheriff’s portion of the debate.  The Journal suspended the 1st amendment throughout the proceedings and the crowd was admonished twice and long to maintain civility, be quiet, not hiss, boo, throw stuff or risk expulsion.  Those at home watching live stream had the advantage of being able to lob a shoe or scream at the TV.  The urge to respond was overpowering considering that every time the incumbent sheriff opened his mouth, what seemed a flat out lie wrapped in political rhetoric escaped to figuratively slap the concept of truth and transparency in the face.   Within this article I shall begin a dissection of the Chamber event, and critique Schatzman’s hour of playing loose and fast with the truth.

One of his early posturings concerned his working relationships with local police agency’s, a point he made more than once.  In his own words,

Oh Lord.  I don’t know what to say.  Is it possible that he was on vacation last week and missed the news?  Drinking again, just plain delusional or…purposely playing loose and fast with the truth?  
The one person who would know from experience whether the Sheriff’s office works collaboratively with local law enforcement agency’s would be Kernersville Police Chief Scott Cunningham.  This week,  Cunningham, who was police chief in both Winston Salem and Kernersville, endorsed Dave Griffith  saying,

Working with the current Sheriff of FC has been the
most difficult and least productive. 
Efforts have been repeatedly made to build relationships, partnerships,
and programs that would improve community safety and be more fiscally prudent with
taxpayer funds.  All have been rejected….to
this day he has refused to partner with federal agencies to improve community

In my March interview with Dave Griffith, we discussed this subject as well. Griffith was emphatic:

One of the reasons Forsyth County cannot and will not get a handle on
gang crime is because of the FCSO refusal to cooperate with other agencies on
the federal, state, and local level. 
Their reputation among other agencies is one of non-cooperation and a
“keep your distance” attitude.  Our problem with gangs cannot be addressed
without multi-agency cooperation.

My TV is glad I was not home when I heard the incumbent utter these words.  A truthful witness does not deceive, but a false witness pours out lies. As a Christian and a conservative, I detest lying lips…particularly as Schatzman’s words bring shame and disgrace upon him, our sheriff’s office and  employees, and the citizens who place him in a position of authority in our county.   

We need an honest sheriff.

Despite what he says, this incumbent does not cooperate or work collaboratively with other LEO agency’s according to peer testimony.  This lack of a cooperative spirit reduces community safety in Forsyth County.  The lone ranger approach has resulted in poor sex offender management and breaking of state statute, poor response to growing gang issues, poor interdiction efforts,  and fiscal irresponsibility. 

Oddly enough, either the incumbent appears to know cooperation among LE agency’s is necessary or he is capitalizing on this Chamber opportunity to slip a political rhetoric suppository in the sleeping patient known as Forsyth County.   He’s had 12 years to get this right..  This old dog ain’t gonna learn new tricks.

Vote Dave Griffith Forsyth County Sheriff, May 6, 2014.

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