A Constitutional Sheriff Would Have Made a Difference: The REAL Bundy Ranch Story

April 15, 2014

Folks better pay attention.  Nevada might seem far away but NC citizens…Forsyth County…best take notice of not only what happened but why it happened.  Sitting on the HOTSEAT is Clark County Sheriff Gillespie.  

He exemplifies why we need a strong Constitutional Sheriff.  From American Patriots Radio referencing the ongoing battle between the federal Bureau of Land Management and the Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy comes the following update (bold italics mine):

On Monday, April 14, 2014 at 1 pm local time at the Bundy Ranch,
Sheriff Richard Mack, a delegation of state lawmakers from several
western states and Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oathkeepers joined the
Bundy family for a press conference.

Cliven Bundy discussed the
dereliction of duty by Sheriff’s across the country
as well as the media
in their poor coverage of this important story. 

Cliven Bundy
said to Clark County Nevada’s local Sheriff, “Sheriff Gillespie, your
work is not done.  And to every County Sheriff across the United States:
take the guns away from the bureaucrats!

Referring to the proper
role of the local and state governments, “Opening the gate should have
been the Governor’s job and the County Sheriff should have been there
protecting him.”

Should an event occur here, as it has on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, I trust Dave Griffith to properly execute his duty as a Constitutional Sheriff.  I have video of the Forsyth County incumbent Sheriff suggesting he would follow an illegal order IF it were given by elected officials.  This does not give me the warm fuzzies as I observe 2nd amendment violations in Connecticut and New York and now the situation in Nevada.

Vote Dave Griffith Sheriff of Forsyth County May 6.

Stewart Rhodes on voting.  Worth the watch and Amen to what he says.

Changing the subject,  I have attempted to organize a full spectrum of information on the Nevada range war.  I consider this event a watershed moment in our nation’s history and the beginning of a literal PUSHBACK of federal overreach.  I pray daily that cool heads prevail.

It is imperative that Americans KNOW about this event and do not allow a muffled and propoganda oriented press to control the discourse.  ONLY FOX NEWS HAS COVERED THIS EVENT.  All other networks are reporting from a script or patriot news sources because they were NOT present on the ranch during the altercation.  For the first time in media history, Patriot media reported the news from Nevada faster than the government could suppress it. 

Back to the American Patriots Radio article, author Jason Hoyt  goes on to point out the real story behind the confrontation.  He says:

But let’s look at a few facts for a moment:

  1. The Constitution of the United States exists.
  2. The Constitution lists what functions the federal government can perform.
  3. Every politician, oftentimes with one hand on the Bible, swears an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

Those are facts.

He goes on to ask:

WHY does the federal government own and control so much land? 

WHERE in the Constitution did they get the authority?

IS the federal land being used as collateral against our debt?

  Based on current research, I am of the opinion the underlying problem in Nevada (and outwest in general) is an over-reaching federal government, outside the authority of the Constitution, on a mission to control all land and water rights, complicated by dirty politicians determined to financially enrich themselves.  The last rancher standing in the way of this immoral and unconstitutional “progress” is Cliven Bundy.

Rather than me rewrite the story, go to these links.  They contain good information and a complete overview of the entire situation so far.

I will update new information HERE so as to have a running commentary on the situation. 

We are supposed to be a nation that operates under the rule of law.  Supposed to be.  Yet, time and time again, the Federal government picks and chooses which laws they will enforce.  The people are fed up. Our borders are wide open, out of control with drug cartel wars, and the US Government looks the other way.  Meanwhile, an old man grazes his cows as his family has for over a century and  BLM troops mobilize and commit terror upon him and his family. 

The Government reasoning behind this exercise in TERROR points to Court rulings that support their actions.  “Precedent” or a ruling by some partizan judge out of line with CONSTITUTIONAL PRECEDENT does not create legitimate law.  Just as we eliminated illegal Jim Crow laws, laws that were based on racism (an unconstitutional precept and therefore invalid) the illegitimate court rulings/laws causing harm to ranchers and farmers in the midwest must be eliminated.

Does the Constitution give the Federal Government authority to own and control over 80% of Nevada land?

The question, can we settle this serious matter with cool heads and without bloodshed.  If the feds continue promoting violence with their bullying terror tactics, if these tactics are ENCOURAGED by partizan officials in Washington DC, if the Constitutional rights of the people continue to be outlawed, it looks increasingly doubtful.

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