GRNC Endorses GRIFFITH: Why it Matters!

March 14, 2014

Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) has endorsed DAVE GRIFFITH for Sheriff with a score of 100/4 stars.  The four stars designation is based on GRNC evaluation of how often a candidate agrees with a control group of gun voters.

Who is GRNC and why does their  endorsement matter?  From their website (bold mine):

As North Carolina’s most effective gun rights
organization, Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) was created in 1994 as
an independent, all-volunteer 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization
dedicated to preserving constitutional freedoms.
Most – but not all – of
the organization’s projects are devoted to defending the individual
right to keep and bear arms.

Initially trained by Gun Owners of America in the
mid 1990s, GRNC quickly evolved into North Carolina’s only
“no-compromise” gun rights group; unlike certain national organizations,
we make a policy of never compromising on principle. In a political
race, GRNC and particularly its political action committee, the GRNC
Political Victory Fund support the most pro-gun candidate. Period. No
attempt is made to augment the organization’s “win ratio” by endorsing
incumbents or likely victors. Instead, you can be assured that GRNC’s
“Remember in November” project will give you accurate information —
arming you with the facts to better defend your rights.

I will make this easy for you. The following is a partial list of GRNC battles fought and WON on local NC soil near YOU:

  1. GRNC Update 02-27-14: Moms Demanded Action and Got NOTHING!

  2. GRNC Update 01-25-14: Civitas Media put on notice over gun owner lists

  3. GRNC Update 01-12-14: Victory in Kernersville!

  4. GRNC Update 12-2-13 Open Carry Victory in Alamance County!

  5. GRNC Update 7-29-13: HB 937 Finally Becomes Law!

  6. GRNC Update 8-22-12: Victory In Pinehurst!
Pro-gun legislation GRNC introduced and passed:

  • GRNC was central to drafting and passing North Carolina’s concealed handgun law;
  • GRNC passed a clean concealed handgun reciprocity law which has captured 37 states (see below);
  • GRNC passed legislation enabling concealed handgun permit-holders to
    avoid redundant background checks when purchasing handguns, thereby
    circumventing sheriffs who restrict such permits;
  • Made emergency concealed handgun permits available to domestic violence victims;
  • GRNC recently passed omnibus gun bill HB 650, which includes:

    • Castle Doctrine, enabling you to better defend your family against violent predators;
    • Concealed carry in state and municipal parks;
    • Concealed carry in financial institutions;
    • Harmonizing state laws on Title II firearms, as regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934; and
    • Improvements in North Carolina’s concealed handgun permit application process. 
    Anti-gun legislation GRNC has defeated:
  • Numerous bills designed to shut down gun shows and register private gun sales with the FBI;
  • Mandatory gun storage bills which would have made criminals of responsible gun owners;
  • Legislation to ban carrying guns for self-protection in public parks, playgrounds,  and child care centers;
  • Attempts to post highway rest stops against concealed carry;
  • Legislation to criminalize lawful gun owners whose guns are stolen
    and unreported, even if the gun owner was unaware of the theft…

More legislative Action by GRNC in 2013.

SB 17: “Concealed Handgun Permits/Validity” (Bingham).
SB 27: “Public School Protection/Firearm Amendments” (Bingham).
SB 28: “Gun Permit Information/No Publication”(Bingham).

SB 59: “Armed Security Guards in K-12″(Rabin).

SB 124: “Shoot Gun From Inside/To Harm or Incite Fear” (Brunstetter).
SB 146: “Private Schools/Firearms Amendments” (Brock, Bingham, Hise).


HB 17: “Gun Permits/Restaurants & Confidentiality” (Burr, Hager, Hollo, Bell).

HB 49: “Firearm in Locked Motor Vehicle/Parking Lot” (Shepard).

Many of you may remember when KING, NC declared a state of emergency during a snowstorm and citizens temporarily lost their 2nd amendment rights.    GRNC was instrumental in the court battle over Bateman v. Perdue that struck down North Carolina’s “state of emergency” gun ban.  Because of this GRNC activity, gun owners retained their full 2nd amendment rights  during the McCrory declared state of emergency in January 2014.

My point is this.  An Endorsement from Grass Roots North Carolina is BIG stuff!  They don’t play.  Paul Valone, founder and president of GRNC, has declared more than one 2nd amendment alert against Forsyth County Sheriff Bill Schatzman.   Comments on this blog suggest Schatzman is attracting anti 2nd amendment support.   Video of Schatzman speaking during the 2010 election suggests he will not protect Forsyth County citizens from federal encroachment of our 2nd Amendment.  

Note:  GRNC did NOT endorse ANY other candidate but DAVE GRIFFITH!  I cordially invite the Kilby camp to join us in our efforts to depose and defeat the incumbent.  Every single vote counts and it is in the best interest of all Forsyth County citizens that we work TOGETHER.  Otherwise, nothing will change.

If you work for law enforcement, if you sport shoot, if you hunt…if you VALUE your 2nd amendment right to bear arms…here’s your sign…GRNC says “Vote Dave Griffith May 6 for Forsyth County Sheriff.”

 If you value the efforts by Grass Roots North Carolina, go here to donate. 

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