FOX 8 Interviews Griffith: FCSO has BIG Problems

April 10, 2010

KPD Chief Cunningham

Tonight the 2014 Forsyth County Sheriff’s race made a big splash on Fox 8 WGHP. 6 oclock news.

Honest to goodness, it is nice when the truth is backed up by…the TRUTH!   Kernersville Police Chief Cunningham showed great strength of character when he took a stand for Forsyth County citizens.  Finally, someone with credentials is willing to say out loud that Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Bill Schatzman has problems.  REAL PROBLEMS.

The Sheriff suggests it’s just politics.  I agree. It’s politics all right.  We need a new sheriff.  Our old one isn’t doing his job and politics is the necessary evil to replace him.

Finally, some truth.  The truth has won the day!

Chief Cunningham’s letter repeated everything I have been preaching to you folks!  For example he says:

“Unfortunately, working with the current Sheriff of Forsyth County has been the most difficult and least productive.  Efforts have been repeatedly made to build relationships, partnerships and programs that would improve community safety and be more fiscally prudent with taxpayer funds.  All have been rejected.”

How many times have I told yall this.  As a matter of fact, let’s count.  I said it here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  There are probably more but my point is getting redundant.

Schatzman consistently refused to cooperate or work with other law enforcement agency’s including WSPD, KPD, US Marshal’s Office, and the NC Fugitive Task Force.  He refused FREE help and collaborative efforts that would have enforced compliance of Forsyth County’s registered sex offenders to state law.  Because of leadership and management failures by our incumbent, the Forsyth County District Attorney was forced to release at least one sex offender back to the streets, dismissing the states case based on insufficient FCSO paperwork.  This serious lack of due diligence on the part of our FCSO is but the tip of the sex offender iceberg according to confidential sources.  Known and previously convicted sex offenders being released to the street for lack of paperwork is unacceptable. 

Cunningham also mentions the Sheriff pulled funding for enhanced security equipment in our schools and reiterates his previous statement with “to this day, he has refused to partner with federal agencies to improve community safety.”

So what are the Sheriff’s priorities?  It doesn’t appear to be FCSO productivity  or crime fighting if his annual reports are telling the truth.  It doesn’t appear to be fiscal stewardship considering all the money Forsyth County lost training officers who were fired or the FREE help that the Sheriff turned down.  It doesn’t appear to be our children based on what amounts to a dereliction of duty exemplified by the lack of supervision enjoyed by at least 489 sex offenders in Forsyth County. 

I went to his Facebook page looking for answers.  I think I found the problem.

He thinks he is running the DOG POUND!

I personally LOVE my animals.  Not 42 million dollars worth, but love none the less.  Now my kids…and those precious little grand babies that can’t protect themselves from grown up sex perverts disguised as authority figures…for their safety 42 million sounds good.

Time to re-prioritize Forsyth County!  Bill can take care of the animals.  I want Dave Griffith looking after my kids.  Let’s take back our Sheriff’s office.  Elect Dave Griffith!

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