Forsyth County Sheriff’s Race: Incumbent Tricks and My Crystal Ball

April 5, 2014 

Vote Dave Griffith for Sheriff!  Forsyth County deserves better than what we are getting.  I pulled out my “crystal ball” for today’s story.  Read, enjoy, prove me wrong!

Dave Griffith

I’m gonna make a prediction about the incumbent Sheriff and the next 30 days.  No, I am not a psychic.  I’m a Christian and we don’t believe in that stuff.  I happen to have a three pound mass between my ears called a brain.  Unlike liberals, my brain has a “department” called “Common Sense.”  I was NOT educated with Common Core yet somehow managed to learn reasoning skills and comprehension.  If your lights flickered last night, that was me.  My brain kicked in and gave BIRTH to a sure fire Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) prediction.  But first, I’m gonna run through the train of thought and research that got me to this light bulb moment.

So.  Something has been eating at me ever since the ObamaCare deadline hit.  After a disastrous roll out with a three year dismantling of what was once the best health care system in the world, on April 1, Obama executes a huge media event “Victory Lap” celebrating 7 million signups. 

The evil called ObamaCare is 3 years old and I have yet to find a single person who likes it, supports it, wants it…or quite frankly…needed it.  Everyone I knew that wanted insurance was able to buy a lot better policy for a whole lot cheaper than the ObamaCare trash.

US News

What really got under my skin was the expertise of Obama and his minions at media manipulation perpetuating complete untruth, false numbers, made up statistics, etc.  Politicians can be real dirty.  Especially the “seasoned” ones.  They are able to turn the full force and favor of their political power structure into a campaign machine designed to destroy any challengers.  

These three headlines and the poll are a product of result oriented manipulation and perfect timing to create an illusion of truth.

ABC News


Washington Post

I got to thinking about Obama and his failed HealthCare manipulations and began comparing it to Schatz and his three terms as Sheriff.  Like Obama, Schatz is a multi-termed politician.  He holds a powerful local office.  He is a big fish in the small Forsyth County pond with a considerable political machine and he wants to keep it that way.

He is not stupid.  It doesn’t matter that he fires veteran Bronze Star hero’s.  It doesn’t matter that gangs have exploded.  It doesn’t matter his abuse of the 2nd amendment.  It doesn’t matter if he fires 30% of his force or drives drunk in a county car.  What matters is the public perception of who he is or what he does.  He knows perception can be manipulated.

Taking a hint from Harry Reid, it doesn’t matter what he is caught saying, it doesn’t matter what his FCSO annual reports say…it is all about his ability to manipulate and alter our perception of the truth.  He’s been in office quite a while.  He’s getting pretty good at telling the direction of the wind and schmoozing it up.  

Schatzman claims that serious crime has gone down in Forsyth County.  Let us assume he is telling the truth.  Serious crimes are classified in his annual reports as Crime I and include murder, rape, assault, etc.  If these crimes have gone down, as his annual reports suggest, it is logical to conclude that more employee time is available for Crime II case work. 

For example, drugs have to be rooted out by police work and investigation.  One doesn’t sit at a desk waiting for a drug crime to be reported.  Most of the crimes that indicate departmental productivity, FCSO has designated Crime II and include drugs, DWI, prostitution, sex offenses, gambling, disorderly conduct, pornography and traffic.  These crimes require an officer to be on the street or undercover or on the internet looking for the bad guys.  The fact that incident reports are lower does not indicate a reduction in crime.  It indicates a reduction in police work and productivity.

These “productivity based” Crime II numbers also indicate the proactive vs. reactive nature of the FCSO.  A proactive department will have higher incident numbers based on more aggressive engagement with criminal elements.  That FCSO Crime II numbers are consistently down indicates a reactive department.  The charts/numbers came from FCSO 2011 and 2012 annual reports.

I have compared the year with highest number of incidents (i.e. productivity) to the most recent annual report year…2012.

Drugs down from 2008 high of 548 to 299 in 2012   
Assaults down from 2011 high of 1860 to 1510 in 2012 
Forgeries/Counterfeit down from 2007 high of 82 to 64 in 2012
Fraud down from 2005 high of 370 to 187 in 2012
DWI down from  2007 high of 183  to 115 in 2012
Embezzlement down from 2006 high of 30 to 11 in 2012
Vandalism down from 2005 high of 1167  to 687 in 2012
Stolen Property down from 2006 high of 64 to 25 in 2012
Weapons down from 2008 high of 228  to 93 in 2012
Prostitution down from 2004 high of 4  to 1 in 2012
Sex Offenses down from 2011 high of 120  to 92 in 2012
Gambling down from 2007 high of 2  to 0 in 2012
Offense against family/child down from 2004 high of 21 to 16 in 2012
Liquor Law violation down from 2008 high of 110  to 48 in 2012
Pornography down from 2011 high of 13  to 8 in 2012
Disorderly Conduct down from 2010 high of 854  to 226 in 2012
Traffic down from 2006 high of 533  to 162 in 2012

Conclusion:  Compared to past annual reports, 2012 showed a consistent, across the board, decrease in FCSO activity in every Crime II category suggesting a reduction in proactive, productive employee/police work.  In other words, according to FCSO annual reports, it is getting easier and easier to be a criminal in Forsyth County because there are less proactive investigations and enforcement.

Drug dealers, prostitutes, and drunks got their groove on without much interference from the Sheriff’s office.  For the county’s sake, let’s hope other local police departments and NCSHP were doing double duty because they were not getting much help from the FCSO.

The incumbent would have you believe these falling numbers indicate crime is down.  Forsyth County has less illegal drug activity.  Less illegal sexual activity.  Less drinking and driving. 

When contemplating the above statement, does your common sense flinch just a little?

The truth is…the FCSO budget has consistently increasedYet, if his own incident numbers are any indication, our Sheriff’s office is less productive.  Forsyth County citizens are spending more to get less.

So, on to my prediction.  The Sheriff wants you to believe that he is doing a good job and runs a productive department.  His own numbers say otherwise but that is neither here nor there.  He doesn’t have to do a good job, he only has to convince YOU he is doing a good job. 

So how is he gonna do that?

I’ll tell you how.  I predict within the next 30 days something big is going to happen that makes the headlines. The newspapers and the local TV talking heads are gonna sing his praises and make him look like the most successful productive sheriff ever to walk the earth.  It will not be something that just happens along either.  It will be something FCSO has been working on and SAVING just for this time.  It could be some gang thing like the “Detroit Boys” arrests or something as simple as a huge drug bust.  I’m not predicting what is going to happen, just that something is going to happen.  And it will be big.  Wam bam thank you mam, his popularity shoots up at the last minute, political challengers are sent to page 3 news, and he manipulates enough votes to win his 4th

See, like Obama did the Healthcare victory dance over a bunch of fake numbers, lies, and a deadline that kept changing, it was the timing of the media blitz that gave it away.    Schatzman’s deadline is May 6.  He’s gonna try to convince you between now and then that the TRUTH is what he and the local media tell you it is, not his actual record.  

So what ever he does, remember you heard it predicted here first.  By the way.  I guarantee that whatever “it” is that happens, “it” will cost Forsyth County more money than it should have.  It cost extra money to delay a investigation for election timing purposes.

I’m tired of predictable politicians.  On May 6, vote for change.  Vote Dave Griffith Forsyth County Sheriff.  Constitutional Character and Conservatism counts.!

And just for jollies, I took a bunch of pictures off the internet
relating to the games incumbent sheriff’s play to get re-elected.   
Yep, he is not going to be the first to try it and he won’t be the


Aug 1, 2011
Funny how within the last two or three weeks there have
been big drug bust and stolen vehicles recovered wonder how long our local
law enforcement has been sitting on these things
They know right when to let it out but I think folks have
gotten smarter to that and have caught on! They better do a whole county
cleaning!! other wise don’t expect any different results!! If you like the
way things are being run and controlled. Put them back in and u will always
have the same mold


West Virginia
Eton Georgia

West Virginia

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