Schatz Attracting Anti-gun Activists

April 3, 2014

Just got this precious grammatically challenged comment and had to share the joy with my readers.  What more proof does one need to vote for Dave Griffith for Sheriff.

Anonymous is a fine example of a true Shots-man supporter.  Birds of a feather and all that.  Any Conservative who sees that comment cannot help but connect such foolishness to the typical progressive obot troll.  Not a good connection for the Shots team and completely proves our point.  The incumbent attracts lawless gun control activists that hate the Constitution.  Considering the anti-gun rhetoric coming out of Washington, the incumbent is a dangerous choice.

Considering this comment landed on a post focused on NC legislation that enjoyed bi-partisan support is especially interesting. Apparently EVEN RALEIGH DEMOCRATS LIKED THE LAW being they helped pass it.  Yet, our incumbent felt it necessary to bastardize the statute and our commenter finds this lawlessness acceptable  So what does that make Shots?  Worse than a democrat?

Thanks GOP Insider for that train of thought.  Just another day in liberal lala land….

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