Sheriff Candidates Answer: Would You Follow an Illegal Order?

Below is video of Sheriff candidates Dave Griffith and Bill Schatzman responding to a question on the 2nd amendment.  This video was taken in 2010, however, these same two candidates are running again.  The Primary on May 6, 2014 will determine the next Sheriff of Forsyth County.  I’m asking you to vote for Dave Griffith.  Allow me to explain why.

Since 2010, the 2nd amendment has come under massive assault. In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting,
Obama pushed hard for an assault weapons ban. 
Working groups led by Vice President Biden advocated universal background checks,
tracking guns via national databases, stiff mental health checks and increased penalties for guns near schools.   
Obama’s White Hut worked with New York
Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the implementation of unconstitutional laws tightening
limits on assault rifles and high capacity magazines.  Progressives like Diane Fienstein have pushed for
an unconstitutional national gun registry.
None of this is surprising considering Obama’s 1996 position as a
candidate for state office when he campaigned on banning the manufacture, sale& possession of handguns.  In 2004,
Obama advocated blocking citizens nationwide from receiving concealed-carry permits.
Connecticut has gutted the 2nd amendment.  Quoting the Daily Caller

April 4, 2013, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy (D) signed Senate Bill 1160 into law, unleashing
one of the most draconian gun control laws in the nation on his
constituents.  Among other things, the 140-page law bans large classes of
firearms and magazines that had been obtained lawfully by tens of thousands of
Connecticut residents.  Limited grandfather provisions apply to those who
registered otherwise banned items before January 1, 2014.  Others in
possession could face felony penalties for violations.  President Obama
himself was in Connecticut four days after this bill became law, praising
it as a model for the nation.

Anti-2nd amendment activist have gone so nuts as to criminalize the “finger gun” (close fist, point finger) and suspending students who eat their peanut butter sandwiches into the shape of a gun.  A Student caught with a forgotten fishing knife in his vehicle’s first aid kit faces expulsion, felony charges and incarceration.  It’s getting to the point that merely uttering “Bang” will get you arrested.

That our North Carolina 2nd amendment rights are RIPE for infringement is a REASONABLE and serious concern.  Because the anti-gun push comes directly from the President in Washington DC, it is imperative that our next Sheriff be FIRM and RESOLVED in his support of the US Constitution and the 2nd amendment.  If the Feds show up with infringement in mind, we need a Sheriff willing to say “NO…GET OUT OF MY COUNTY OR YOU WILL BE ARRESTED.”

The following two minute video shows a marked difference in the two candidates.   Which one would  you rather have fending off federal authorities bound on taking away your 2nd amendment rights? Listen and follow along with the transcript provided below.


Fred:  I’m Fred Benson. My question is being… this is for both
men…being that you’re the chief law enforcement official in the
county…actually your authority goes well beyond the mayor or any kind
of commissioner or any elected office.  How do you feel
Constitutionally looking at the Oath keepers site for the 10 provisions
that they have or laws that they will not obey under certain

Sheriff:  Sorry Fred say it again…

Fred:   There is an organization Oath Keepers…

Sheriff:  Oath keepers, sorry I couldn’t hear you…

They have the 10 provisions of laws unconstitutional laws that they
will not obey if given by the federal government.  Being the chief law
enforcement official, how do you feel or how would you respond to these
10 provisions.

Sheriff: I don’t know what they are.  If you have them I’ll look at them but I don’t know what they are…

Fred: Well things like disarming the American population…

Sheriff: No…(shakes head no)

Fred:  unwarranted search and seizure…

Sheriff:  no, no (shake head no)…Would we do that?

Fred:  If you were given a direct order from a federal official would you follow that order?

(mumble)…Those are hypotheticals we can’t even get into but in terms
of…we follow the state and federal law as mandated by your vote and
the legislature of this state and the house and senate of this

Sheriff:  and I’ll look at whatever you’ve got to look at and talk about those things….

Fred:  Alright I don’t have anything here with me…

Sheriff: Alright, that is fine (mumble) hypotherically, I’m a lifelong member of the NRA, I’m an ex-marine, I got more guns than I care to talk about and the 2nd amendment is dear to my heart.

Moderator:  Alright, lets go ahhh….

Fred:  What about Dave.  Can Dave talk on that subject?

Moderator:  Oh yeah, I’m sorry…

Dave Griffith: I’m a strict Constitutionalist.

I hope yall caught that.  Schatzman said he will do what the federals tell him to do.  Put another way… according to the incumbent, if the country votes Hitler into office, by virtue of HITLER being duly elected, Schatzman will carry out his orders.  No doubt, Schatz  backed off that position when he spoke of his love of the 2nd amendment, but he can’t take the previous words back.

His words indicate a weak and dangerous man, unprepared to protect our 2nd amendment rights.  He does not have the character, the moral foundation, nor the reverence for the Constitution necessary to carry out the duties of his office.  He doesn’t appear willing to die to self OR for the just cause of freedom.

A vote for Schatzman is a vote for a weak defense against federal infringement on our 2nd amendment rights.

A vote for Kilby is a vote for Schatzman.

Dave Griffith answered firmly and with no apology.  “I’m a strict Constitutionalist.”

A vote for Dave Griffith is a vote for FREEDOM.

Copyright ©Sandra Robles

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