Schatzman FAIL: 25,000 WSFC School Bus Stop-Arm Violations Expected

April 2, 2014

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department has county wide powers of arrest.  Unlike city police whose jurisdiction is within the city limits, Sheriff deputies have authority everywhere including the city, the county, and on the interstates.

According to the 2013 Annual Report published by Schatzman, yearly departmental crime stats indicate an over 30% reduction in traffic crime investigated by the sheriff’s department.  Traffic reports were 234 in 2011 and fell to 162 in 2012.   It is safe to assume that traffic crime did not go down but sheriff office response/attention to traffic crime was reduced.

Regardless of why the Sheriff’s office traffic stats went down, the fact remains, Forsyth County Sheriff’s office has county wide arrest and ticket authority.  These reduced stats are not a product of reduced traffic crime but a product of reduced traffic coverage by the FCSO.

If there is a traffic “crime spree” going on, FCSO has the authority and responsibility to address the issue.

According to a report on FOX Channel 8 News, school bus stop-arm violations in FC are up 50%.  In a one day count by WSFC school bus drivers, 139 vehicles failed to stop for a flashing extended school bus arm.  That is a 50% increase from last year’s 91.

Even though legislation has passed increasing penalties (Class 1 felony), violations continue to rise.  Clearly, these unsafe drivers need to be identified and  penalties must be enforced in order for the law to have any effect.

My first question is “WHERE is the Sheriff’s office?”  They have county wide jurisdiction, why aren’t they seeing to the safety of our school bus travelers? Shouldn’t there be deputies following our school buses and issuing tickets when these dangerous infractions occur?  How many school kids must be run over before FCSO takes a hint and attempts to enforce these traffic laws?

This years 139 violations in one day extends to over 25,000 violations expected for this year, a 30% increase.  Uh…NEWSFLASH… Sworn FCSO Officers went from 271 in 2010 to 215 in 2012, a drop of 56 sworn officers, a 30% decrease.

Seriously?  Forsyth County, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?  FCSO had over 40 million dollars to work with.  Despite all that money, tens of thousands of children are put at risk everyday on our WSFC school buses…the Sheriff keeps firing people…and no one is watching out for our kids.  It appears no one is enforcing the law.  What are they waiting on?

We have a choice on May 6.  We can re-elect an incumbent who can’t manage to spend a little piece of 40 million to safeguard our school buses.  We can re-elect an incumbent who seems more interested in paying $100,000 to train deputies who end up fired rather than use them to protect our kids.

OR…We can elect someone who CARES because he has a moral foundation.  Dave Griffith is a man with 40 years in public service, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a farmer, a sportsman, a Christian, and a Conservative.

Our sheriff’s office is not fulfilling it’s obligations because of poor leadership.  We can change this.  Elect Dave Griffith Forsyth County Sheriff May 6, 2014.

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