35,000 + Incidences of Voter Fraud in NC

No Voter Fraud in North Carolina.  Not a smidgeon. As linked through Drudge Report. 

National Review Online
By Andrew Johnson
April 2, 2014

North Carolina’s Board of Elections found
that tens of thousands of registered voters from the state have
personal information matching that of registered voters in other states,
and appear to have voted in states other than North Carolina in 2012.
In some cases, votes were cast under names of individuals who had passed
away before Election Day.

The review searched databases in 27
other states and 101 million voter records for information such as
matching names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers.

The review found that 35,570
North Carolina voters from 2012 shared the same first names, last
names, and dates of birth with individuals who voted in other states.
Another 765 Tar Heel State residents who voted in 2012 had the the same
names, birthdays, and final four digits of a Social Security number as
voters elsewhere.

the election board’s executive director, Kim Westbrook, told lawmakers
that 81 deceased North Carolinians apparently voted in 2012 as well.
While some appear to have submitted absentee ballots prior to their
death, she said “there are between 40 and 50 who had died at a time that
that’s not possible.”

Westbrook offered a series of
proposals for the state to consider to better secure its voting
practices and reduce fraud, including on-site digital face-recognition
or electronic-signature technology.

35,000 votes are PLENTY enough to turn an election.  I have a “series of proposals.” 

Proposal #1 ARREST every name registered twice that belongs to a living person and prosecute.  

About the dead folks.  According to my source, Forsyth County(FC) Board of Elections (BOE) has been informed of dead people existing in the FC records.  It was reported to me that FCBOE could not remove names of dead people.  Only family could request that the names be removed.  

Proposal #2  Fire the person or persons who refuse to take DEAD VOTERS off the Role.


We are governed by idiots.  Honestly.  Where is the common sense.  

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