Schatzman’s UNConstitutional Character: 2nd Amendment Under Assault

April 1, 2014

Constitutional Conservative Dave Griffith will be challenging Forsyth County’s Incumbent Sheriff on May 6, 2014.  This primary election will determine our new sheriff.  From his 6 years in the National Guard, his 28 years as a US Marshal, to his love of sport shooting and hunting, Dave has developed a strong and unwavering respect for the immutability of the U.S. Constitution and the underlying principals particularly as it relates to our 2nd amendment rights.

Dave Griffith

Most Gun Owners are very aware that it will be our Sheriff who protects the sovereign gun rights of Forsyth
County citizens should overreaching authorities attempt to infringe upon them.  Just as important, it is the sheriff’s duty to lawfully exercise NC General Statutes regarding a citizens right to purchase, own, and carry firearms.   

It behooves us to pay close attention to the “Constitutional
Character” of our choice for sheriff.  Constitutional Character references the sheriff’s level of enthusiasm  or disdain for the written Constitution as well as state law in support of Constitutional tenets.    The Sheriff’s Constitutional Character will be the determining factor in our ability to exercise our 2nd amendment rights. 
We’ve had 12 years of incumbent Bill Schatzman.  With hard evidence that FC gangs exploded from 4 to 58 during his
tenure, Schatzman denied we had a gang problem in 2010.  Similarly, he claims that he is a supporter
of the 2nd Amendment.  Do his
actions back up his claim or do his actions and the evidence indicate
Let’s take a historical look at Schatzman’s care of our 2nd amendment rights. 

With a bit of research, I was able turn up several alerts
involving Schatzman at a highly respected, gun-rights watchdog website called
Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC).  
According to documents provided by GRNC, Schatzman defied NC GS 14-415.11.  Let that register in your brain.  He defied NC gun law.  Our legislators put these specific laws into place to protect us and reinforce Constitutional principals.  Yet, he blatantly defied it.  Schatzman KNEW the language of the law, yet CHOSE to bastardize the
Evidently, the Sheriff was collecting personal information
not allowed by General Statute. 
Specifically, statute did not allow the sheriff to collect employment or
phone information on Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) applicants.  When informed by GRNC of his violation via
fax, rather than correct his mistake, the sheriff dug in his heels, and refused
to discontinue his illegal collection of private information.   When the fax was ignored, GRNC President
Paul Valone attempted to communicate via telephone.  This attempt resulted in a brief contact with Schatzman’s legal
advisor who demonstrated the height of professionalism when he hung up on Mr.
Valone.  Only after GRNC issued  GRNC Alert 9-22-11, GRNC Alert 9-22-11b and GRNC Alert
did public outcry finally convince the sheriff to comply
with GRNC’s request that Schatzman obey North Carolina law.
GRNC’s determination to protect our 2nd Amendment
rights culminated with Schatzman making changes to our county forms.  He made employment and phone information
“voluntary.”  Not because he wanted to.  We had to make him comply.  The new form can be seen here. 
Another case in point, GRNC issued  GRNC Alet 3-24-2012.  This alert referenced Schatzman’s illegally
imposed moratorium on the amount of time an applicant has to complete the CHP
application process.  Anyone who underwent  “Certification and Firearms Safety and Training” and
waited more than 12 months to apply for permitting was refused and required to
re-certify.     NC GS 14-415.11 imposed
no such time restriction. 
Sheriff Bill Schatzman

Why did Schatzman feel empowered to make-up his own
unauthorized version of a NC General Statute? 
Why did Schatzman feel empowered to enforce his made up law?  How many citizen’s had their right to privacy violated before Schatzman changed his required forms to conform to state law?  How many citizen’s were arbitrarily denied their 2nd amendment rights because of information gathered illegally?  How many citizen applications were denied based on Schatzman’s time restriction of Firearms Safety and Training?  Has 12 years of sheriff-ing made Schatzman too big for his britches?

Don’t let him fool you. 
Schatzman knew NC GS 14-415.11 when he added his own twist to the
law.  Schatzman knows the law now.  Yet, keep in mind, he still attempts to
collect private information that is none of his business.   Do you want a sheriff who assumes the
authority to write his own laws or add to existing law?  Do you want a sheriff who arbitrarily
enforces the law, adding and subtracting legal parameters possibly depending on the
person applying for a CHP?
As a gun owner, I know he remains the man who has authority
over my CHP requests.  Will he deny a
request when I exercise my right to privacy and refuse to volunteer personal
Every voter needs to ask themselves, what would Schatzman
do?  What is his “Constitutional
Character?”  These GRNC alerts do not reveal the actions of a pro-2nd
amendment sheriff.  In fact, historically,
these actions reveal a dangerously anti-2nd amendment character.  Schatzman has done what Schatzman wanted to do, at times with no regard for
written law.    Clearly, the guidelines
set by NC statues don’t stop his trolling for information because he continues
to this day.  In 2011 and 2012, he had
no problem operating outside of NC GS 14-415.11.  We can safely assume it wouldn’t be a problem today had we not
held his feet to the fire.

articles on the UNConstitutional Character of Bill Schatzman coming soon.

Elect Constitutional Conservative Dave Griffith Forsyth County Sheriff. 

Copyright ©Sandra Robles

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