Bill of Rights Outdated Says Common Core…Don Martin OK With It

April 2, 2014

Common Core…Teaching 6th Grade students the Bill of Rights is outdated and needs revision.

This is clear evidence that the federalization of education will not work.  This does not reflect NC values yet is part of a COMMON NATIONAL STANDARDIZED PROGRAM that NC schools will be REQUIRED to teach because 2009 NC GOVERNOR BEV PERDUE and her DEMOCRAT State School Board Superintendent (plus all Superintendents who went along with it…I’m talking to YOU DON MARTIN!)  were bought off with FEDERAL MONEY in exchange for giving up local control of our school system to a bunch of dingbat, progressive Marxists based out of Washington.

YES.  That was a run on sentence but I am so ticked off after reading this assignment, I cannot control myself.

How DARE these people suggest what is essentially NATIONAL HERESY to our children!  It is time for McCrory and the NC Legislature to STOP THIS MADNESS!  My kids are grown but my grandchildren deserve better.  This grandma is fix’n to go off!

Don’t leave this site without reading this assignment.  I made it big so you can see it.  Call your representatives in Raleigh every day till this is voted OUT of NC!

And just in case you did not know it, guess who pays for this program when the federal money runs out?  YOU will!  Get ready for your taxes to go up UP UP and your children get DUMB Dumb dumber

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