Political News, Head Scratchers, and Putin Hang Ups.

March 29, 2014 
As we await the next media clip of Obama playing golf,
moderate House Republicans are packing empty-suit cases for a George Soro
backed and Union funded “Main Street Advocacy” weekend on Amelia Island.  Those being entertained on the leftist dime
include John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy and twenty-five other
Congressional defectives.  More than
likely they will use this time together fist bumping Jeb Bush’s nomination for
president and fine tuning their ongoing efforts to compromise what is left of
U.S. rule of law. 
Thirty-Something is not a TV show.  It is the number of vacation taken by the Obama’s over the last 5
years (but who is counting).   Dragging
g’mama along, Michelle and the girls are at it again, this time China or
bust!  Unlike their hotel staff, the
women are having a multi million dollar good time unaware the Chinese are ready
to pay us to take them back.        
On the home front, Democrat Bill Clinton is accused of
pedophile dalliances with underage children in the company of long time buddy
and billionaire Jeffrey “I decorate my home with naked children pictures” Epstein.  No
doubt, we are on the cusp of an “I did not have sexual relations with that child”
press conference.   Expect a flurry of
finger pointing activity in the “war on women” camp of “Hillary for Prez,” most
likely aimed at underage sluts and roaming “knock out” gangs of tween girls
preying on old white men.  
Out west, California Democrat Leland Yee played the Eric
Holder’s Fast and Furious version of 
“Simon says.”  Simon says, “Buy a
bunch of guns and missiles.”  Simon
says, “Sell a bunch of guns and missiles to low down, dangerous
terrorists.”  Simon says, “Fool…you
gotta be a U.S. Attorney General to get away with that!”  Word is, a Youtube movie uploaded by Chinese mafioso “Shrimp
boy” is to blame for Yee’s misbehaving.  

Adding insult to injury, Yee’s Democrat Bird-of-a-feather
and campaign donor Keith Jackson, got tired of being a San Francisco School
“Bored” president and took the plunge into murder for hire.  The big question, will they be cell-ies and
can two democrats wear the same jumpsuit and plastic flip flops to the same function?
democrat brother from another mother, Senator Rod Wright of Inglewood CA quoted
as saying “I have been kinda, sorta involved in public policy for a long time,”
has kinda, sorta been convicted of perjury and voter fraud in January.   He has determined the “DUH” defense will be
his best route through the court systems, which he describes as a
communications nightmare that hinders his defense with legal language and
rules.  He has refused to forego his
salary while on leave of absence citing cases of “police brutality with pay” as
his precedent. 
Not to be outdone, “Chris Cristie with big hair” look-a-like
Sen. Ron Calderon (D) was indicted on bribery and federal corruption charges.  Clearly a veteran of the Snooki kitchen
ditchin’ school of food bribery, Calderon confused his “position of influence“
with his own personal Familia Nostra.  Landing his son and brother in hot water, Calderon’s indictment unbalances
the liberal legislative votes needed to completely unhinge and socialize

The South rose again when the east coast landed the DNC four years
ago, giving birth to bribery and corruption opportunities for one of
Charlotte’s most connected citizens.  If
Obama had a brother who didn’t live in a hut, it would be Democrat Charlotte
mayor Patrick Cannon.  Not only did he
manage to serve six whole months as mayor, he advised the FBI that orange
jumpsuits were not his best color. 
Prior to his expected claims of “I’m a victim of a politically motivated
racist hit by authorities on a black man just trying to make a living,” Cannon
has limited himself to one orange tie and one FBI money stuffed envelope per

Above the Mason Dixon line, Rhode Islanders told media, “This General Assembly
of ours needs a good enema.”  One cheap
roll of toilet paper later, House Speaker and Democrat Gordon Fox resigned and
dumped politics in one fell swoop.  Nobody knows exactly why, other than FBI
raids on his home and office, but all agree, the ends justify the means.  The flush was worth the extra water.
Illinois is not without it’s own challenges.  Democrat State Rep Keith Farnham’s home and
office were searched “pertaining to the possession, receipt or distribution of
child pornography.”  Apparently guns are
not all Farnham is attempting to grab. 
Maybe he and Bill Clinton could get together and come up with either a
legal defense or vacation plans.  

Assemblyman Democrat William Scarboro, proponent of raising
NY’s sin taxes “because the state needs the money,”
found himself the victim of FBI raids. 
His house and hotel room were of particular interest to the FBI.  While Scarboro called his predicament a
misunderstanding over his expense account, his future inmate commissary account will
be much a much easier financial concept to grasp.   

PA State Senator Leanna Washington attracted the attention of authorities when
she used her democrat senate office employees as her personal campaign
team.  Charged with corruption, Ms.
Washington managed over two decades of democrat party planning and campaigning on the tax payer dime
before she was caught.  Who does she
think she is…Obama?
Finally, today’s news round-up would be incomplete without
mentioning the click heard round the world. 
The White House would have us believe the Presidential Poofter managed
to put Putin in his place via a 90 minute lecture delivered by phone.  Reporting the conversation complete with a
backup press release of talking points, the media suggests that Obama has
turned his wet noodle foreign policy into a position of U.S.strength. All it
took was 90 minutes.  Obama has singlehandedly brought Putin to the negotiation table with democrat visions of a 21st
century rhetorical war backed up by military weakness delivered via a
Bak-a-lite desk phone complete with curly cord.  The message:  Putin was
too scared to hang up.
That’s my take on the news today folks.  Have a great day!

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