Low Information Voter Blackout: Dirty Hands, Don Martin, and Democrat Dingbats

It was a typical Monday. 
Up around eight, slamming coffee, and cursory look at email while dashing out the door.  As I pile my travel mug and duffle bad on
the car hood, digging for keys, a neighborhood friend speaks “good morning” as she walks up asking “how have you been doing.”  (For the sake of this story, I will call her
“Jane.”)  I answered “just fine, Jane,”
and “busy with blogging for Christian, conservatives running for local
office.”  Because she is a life long
educator (lots of teachers in my neigborhood!) I mention Common Core and Don Martin
as current subject matter.

And do you know what she said?  “I’ve been following education for years.  It’s those Republican’s in Raleigh that gave
us Common Core.” 

Speechless.  Stunned
speechless, I was.  Attempting to rein
in my low information voter retort (will talk about that in a sec), I made the
general comment her facts were completely false.  Seeking a common ground, I suggested that all politicians need to
be held accountable, both democrats and republicans.  And again, do you know what she said?  “Its all about money.” Followed by, “Did you know both Phil Berger
(R NC Senate Pres Pro Tempore) and Pat McCrory (R NC Governor) are from
Eden…that is why McCrory’s coal ash spill has been kept hush hush.” 

O.K.  I lost it.  Things went dizzy.  I went into low information voter blackout.  Digging for keys at 10:04 and suddenly it was 10:35. 
Half an hour just disappeared…pfffftt and it was gone.  I missed my 10:30 appointment because light
had to shine on progressive darkness. 
From what I remember, it was a verbal jousting match that would have made Rush
Limbaugh proud.  First time I’ve ever
talked back to a principal. 

Now let it be known, this is a nice lady.  I expect to see her in heaven one day.  She is intelligent, kind, and
professional.  She worked hard for 30
years doing what she loved.  She’s a
great neighbor.  She’s an active Christian,
loves the Lord, is involved in neighborhood Bible study, and overseas mission
trips.  And yet, without a shadow of a
doubt, bless her sweet heart, she is completely clueless!  

It occurred to me that others would face this same
situation.  The liberal machine, with
great political acumen, is perpetuating these lies, convincing otherwise
intelligent people to believe complete fabrications.  And these folks live next door, sit in the next cubicle, or in
the same pew. 

I’m not intent on discussing our conversation word for word.  My intent is to give YOU
the information needed should the situation present itself at your job or in
your neighborhood. 

Number ONE.  Never
let them forget they had the NC Legislature for 100 years.  Every time they suggest, it is the
Republicans fault…remind them.  We’ve
had a republican majority for less than two years.  EVERYTHING GOING WRONG in NC can be pinned on the 100 years of
Democrat rule.  That includes Common

Number TWO.  Common
Core is a bi-partisan issue.  CC
assignments and materials find their way into both conservative and liberal homes.  Parents on both sides of the political
spectrum see the folly of this maligned program.  Of ALL social issues, this is one that should bridge the partisan
gap.  We must take advantage of this.

Common Core was rolled out during the 2012-2013 school
year.  This happened before the
Republican sweep of the legislature

During CC’s approval and rollout process, Democrats had the majority and
held the Governor’s seat.  The
Governor, of course, appointed a Democrat leaning state board of election.  Waa-laa…the perfect CC storm.

It was the democrats on Perdue’s Board of Election that
foisted the Common Core petard upon NC schools.  According to the John Locke Foundation

passed by the N.C. General Assembly did not lead to the adoption of Common Core
standards.  A vote by the members of the N.C. State Board of Educationdid that.

2009, Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson (Democrat),
Governor Bev Perdue (Democrat), and Chairman [State Board of Education]
Harrison (Democrat) began championing Common Core, and the N.C. SBE
formally adopted the standards in June 2010.  Curiously, the state
education board adopted Common Core largely without input from the
then-Democratic led state legislature, which shifted to Republican control
later that year.”

let the libs blame Republicans for CC. 

CC was adopted for a reason.  You guessed
it!  Money: Race to the Top Funds
(RTTT).  4 billion dollars earmarked out
of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 with 350 million set
aside to create a national education platform. 
Supposedly, states that wanted the money had to agree to federally
mandated core standards.  Governors
bought it hook, line, and sinker.  The
bait-money.  The hook-federal overreach
into state education affairs.  The
sinker- the whole CC national standard is in violation of federal law

being said, Republicans are on record in support of CC in other
.  A couple of Republican governors
(wanna-be presidents) are fending off a black eye over their determined support
of the Common Core mess.  Does the name “Jeb” ring a bell?

enough on her CC slam, what about that hit on “McCrory’s coal ash spill!” 

can you call it McCroy’s coal ash spill?” I ask.   Jane says, “He worked for Duke two years ago.”  I say, “OK, he is governor now and doesn’t
work at Duke energy.  How is it his
spill?”  Again she says, “Because he
worked there two years ago.”

are you suggesting that somehow from the governor’s office, McCrory instigated
a coal ash spill.” “No, I’m saying he worked there, they are his friends, and
that makes him partly to blame for the spill.”   

is it in a nutshell folks.  A liberal
cannot separate past from present because their memories are too short.  Duke Energy has had seepage problems with
these ponds for decadesIn
2008 and 2009, our NC Democrat legislature and Democrat Governor Perdue
resisted legislative efforts to regulate these coal ash ponds.
Obviously “ Jane” was parroting the misleading ads by North Carolina Resources
Defense Council showing McCrory’s dirtied hand along with the slogan “McCrory
has Coal Ash on his hands.” 

this straight folksBack to Number ONE above.  For 100
years,our legislature has been democrat. 
Our NC democrat majority resisted efforts for decades  to hold Duke accountable for these ponds as
recent as 2009.  Only since a Republican
sweep of the legislature and under Republican Governor McCrory has Duke pledged
to clean up the ponds and the spill.

My low
information voter blackouts are always intensified by the flawed “liberal
logic” at work in the progressive mind. 
For example, the 2010 Democrat National Convention (DNC) held in
Charlotte.  The same Duke Energy
supposedly in cahoots with McCrory, financed the DNC to the tune of 10 million
dollars.  The DNC skipped town with nary
a fare thee well.  Duke ended up writing
off the loss yet via the Duke financed DNC, Obama was re-elected.  Wonder why “Jane” is not giving McCrory
credit for his association with Duke Energy over this?  

As far
as Commissioner Candidate Don Martin, “Jane” thinks he is
awesome.  She said, “He was always nice to

When I
told her he wanted to raise money for education via taxation or bonds, she
said, “good, the schools need it.”   I
asked her if she thought those folks financially overburdened by ObamaCare or
joblessness could afford higher taxes in Forsyth County.  Of course, she thought bonds made more
sense.   She looked at me with a blank
stare when I reminded her that the 40 million dollar library bond passed in
2010 was a debt that these same poor and middle class taxpapers must pay back.  

bad news…she can’t see past her bias. 
She never will.  Not till her
health insurance is gone or her property taxes are so high she can’t pay
them.  The good news…she is a registered
Democrat and cannot vote in the Republican primary. 

for the record, she doesn’t like Common Core (like I said before in Number TWO, it’s a
bipartisan issue).  However, my
suggestion that Martin had some blame for the CC rollout was met with, “no, he
was doing what he was told.” No doubt, this will be Martin’s same defense.  

In a
Democrat Common Core world, no one is to blame.  Wrong answers are right. 
No one has standing.  Only the
government has authority.  The
homogenized individual is incapable of responsibility.  Everyone marches lockstep without
questioning authority.  

reminds me of my childhood.  When I was
a teenager, my mom would say “if Suzie jumped off a cliff, would you do
it.”  I wouldn’t but in a
democrat world, everybody would jump. 
Martin did.  He followed lemming
style, to the Common Core edge, and he jumped on command…dragging every child
in Forsyth County with him.  It never
occurred to him to do otherwise than follow and that is the problem with the progressives.

Well, that’s a Monday’s for ya.  This conversation nearly wore me out!  Even so, it started on a negative note but God
allowed the light of truth to shine.  I
hope this info helps others spread the truth to low info voters.  

For more information on the County Commissioner Race and Conservative Constitutionalist Mark Baker go here, here, here, here, and here.

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