Former NC Rep John Rhodes Calls for Tillis to Step Down on Pay to Play Scheme

UPDATE:  More pressure on State Legislators to hold Tillis accountable for ethics violation…using office/position to raise campaign money.   Rhodes
says that Republican leaders should call out corruption whenever it is
witnessed, even within their own party. “The real perception and
presence of “pay to play” politics does not recognize and has never been
exclusive to party affiliation. Elected officials have a responsibility
to speak out and call out such abuses and even the perception of
abuses. Now more than ever with the circumstances that have evolved over
the last week surrounding the Speaker of the House and now the mayor of
Charlotte it is imperative that elected officials speak out and
distance themselves from even the perception of a culture of corruption
or “pay to play” practices surrounding our state government and the
people’s legislature.

“Legislators need to understand that the people’s legislature is not
their personal political ATM for campaign cash at the time of their
choosing” said Rhodes.

This is not the first time Rhodes has gone after fellow politicians.  Several of his accused are now out of office.  Rhodes flavor du jour for the day is Thom Tillis.  Rhodes calls for Tillis’ resignation.

Recent news articles point fingers at a former Tillis donor and sitting judge who sat in judgement of Tillis opponent Greg Brannon.

There have been recent demands that Tillis correct his college credentials after he was discovered to be naming and claiming an alma mater that he had not attended.   See Rhodes call out Tillis below.

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