2014 GOP Primary Info Roundup: The Power of One

Forsyth County GOP information, news, and events go here.

For voter information, sample ballots, candidate lists, register to vote, absentee vote, etc. go to Forsyth County Board of Elections.

I’m telling y’all, one person can make a difference in Forsyth County!  I am the living proof.  If an opinionated, retired, Jesus loving, Conservative, Republican grandma can blog her way into thousands of GOP homes, anybody can do it.  I am not a team.  I am a one woman wrecking ball determined to irritate liberals, expose fake conservatives, call out enemies of our constitution, support constitutional-conservative-Christian political candidates  and reveal through documented research Godlessness, cronyism, nepotism, and corruption on the local level.

YOU can make a difference too.  You are not required to write an article.  You don’t even have to leave your house!  You can simply comment on articles, sound off your verbal support of candidates, and share information through social media.  It is a simple as calling a local family member or texting a friend.  Did you know the Winston Salem Journal is online?  Look for election related articles and comment online.  No more postage stamps and handwritten “letters to the editor” that disappear into the black hole of liberal media manipulation.  YES Weekly runs comment enabled articles as well.

If you go online or Facebook, you can “like,”comment, donate, and volunteer on the following pages. The candidates listed are my personal favorites based on research, historical record, and personal knowledge
Sheriff’s candidate Dave Griffith Facebook 
If you want to learn more about Dave Griffith or donate to his campaign go here.

  • raffle for Stag Arms AR-15 go
    Only 1000 tickets available @$10
  • raffle for a pair of
    Custom fitted bicycles go here. Only 1000 tickets available @$10
  • Drawing will be held at the Sportsman’s Lodge, 1824 Dinkins Bottom Road, Yadkinville, NC 27055 on April 5, 2014 at 1:00…more details to follow.  RSVP donna.barham@allentate.com  or in comment section below (and I will get it to her)   

Dist. B County Commissioner candidate Mark Baker Info/Donate  Mark Baker FaceBook

NC State Senate District 21 candidate Joyce Krawiec: Info/Donate or receive mailing list.

School Board District 2 candidates
Irene May Website
Jeannie Metcalf Facebook
Lori Goins Clark  Facebook
Dana Caudill Jones  Facebook

No info on judges yet.

The following list includes all my articles relevant to the 2014 GOP Primary that need spreading throughout Forsyth County via Email and Facebook. 






POWER of ONE.  Only Satan would have us believing in powerlessness.  Spread the good news.  Satan was defeated by ONE…and he’s still hanging around trying to convince us otherwise!

Prayers up for our nation and all glory be to GOD!

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