Schatzman Ignored the Warnings: What 12 Years Get’s Us

March 20,2014

Let’s talk about the Forsyth County Sheriff’s race.  I’ve got a bone to pick with the incumbent.   

While vetting a new candidate can be tricky,  analyzing the history of an incumbent is more straightforward.  Competency and job performance are a matter of record.  We have 12 years of
Sheriff Bill Schatzman, more than enough to fairly critique his administration.   His three terms allow us to project realistic
expectations of what four more years of a Schatzman incumbency means to Forsyth

In particular, this article will deal with gangs in
Forsyth County and the response of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) during the last 12 years.   Back in 2010, eight years into
his incumbency,  Sheriff  Schatzman claimed Forsyth County didn’t have a gang problem. In fact, he operated the FCSO without an independent gang unit or specialized task force, limiting his gang proactivity to two assigned investigators.
Early in Schatzman’s first term, WS Journal writer Patrick
Wilson focused on the growing gang problem in Forsyth County. In his December 2004 article  spotlighting the Center for Community Safety, Wilson shared information relative to the growth of gangs in
and around Winston Salem.  Specifically,
  • Gangs are growing in Forsyth County especially among
  • Winston-Salem police have found the presence of at least
    four Hispanic gangs,
Some may remember some of the gang activity occurring in
WSFCS in 2004.
  • Kernersville Middle School: Gang related clothing per Prin. Debbie Brooks
  • Parkland High School: Gang related clothing/drawings per Prin. Harold Smith
  • Students wearing gang related jewelry (upside down rosaries) per School Attorney Doug Punger
  • Increased school fighting EX: Aug 17 Glenn High School involving dozens, 16 of whom were arrested. (Hispanics and Blacks)
  • Easton Elementary School fighting at night 
Wilson states “The Winston-Salem police, the Forsyth
County Sheriff’s Office and jail, and the Kernersville police meet with representatives
from the district attorney’s office to talk about gangs.”
Schatzman was aware of the
growing gang/Hispanic problem as well as the concern festering within WSPD,
KPD, and the DA’s office.  It is also
evidence that he was invited into a collaborative effort to stem the growing

Also, in 2004, the Governor’s Crime Commission conducted a comparative analysis of gangs in NC from 1999 to 2004.  Every law enforcement agency in NC was contacted by the Commission along with all school resource officers.  School resource officers fall under the jurisdiction of the FCSO. 

This verifies, without a doubt, Schatzman was contacted by LEO/agencies both locally and from a state level reference gangs in both Forsyth County and NC in general.

The following bullet points clarify the gang growth timeline in North Carolina and Forsyth County as it relates to Schatzman’s incumbency.

  • 2002 Schatzman elected sheriff
  • 2004 at least 4 Hispanic gangs documented Winston Salem Center for Community Safety
  • 2004 The Governor’s Crime Commission identified 11-19 gangs in Forsyth County
  • 2004 Schatzman met with WSPD, KPD, and DA to discuss gang threat
  • 2004 Governor’s Crime Commission report 16% increase in nc gangs and 68% increase in gang members…contacted all nc law enforcement agencies and school resource officers,
  • 2006 Schatzman reelected sheriff
  • 2007 Two investigators assigned to gangs according to FCSO Annual Report
  • 2007 230 sworn officers $36,215,099 Budget
  • 2008 Schatzman changed report writing procedures resulting in certain felonies recategorized as vandalism
  • 2009 NC Crime Control documented 898 gangs in NC,  WSPD documented 362 crimes by validated gang members 42% of all gang crime categorized as vandalism
  • 2009 223 sworn officers  Total Budget $39,883,450
  • 2010 No gang unit in FCSO organizational chart
  • 2010 271 sworn officers total $40,930,449 budget
  • 2010 Dave Griffith campaigned on FCSO lack of focus on gang threat (among other things)
  • 2010 Schatzman claimed FC had no gang problem
  • 2010 Dave Griffith earned 45.63% of votes in May 4 Forsyth County GOP Primary election
  • 2010 Schatzman reelected
  • 2011 211 sworn officers total $41,763,365 budget
  • 2011 No gang task force or gang unit in organizational chart
  • 2012 215 Sworn officers total $41.233,967 Budget
  • 2012 58 documented gangs in Forsyth County
  • 2014 No known FCSO collaboration or partnerships with other gang related law enforcement agencies
  • 2014 Schatzman up for re-election!

Translated, the time line tells us:

  • Since 2007, FCSO budget increased by at least 5 million (’07-’12)
  • Sworn FCSO Officers went from 271 in 2010 to 215 in 2012, a drop of 56 sworn officers. (down 30%)

  • Since 2004 Forsyth County went from 4-19 gangs to 58 documented gangs.

Incumbent Bill Schatzman has served as Forsyth County Sheriff since 2002.   With 12 years under his belt,  under Schatzman’s leadership the FCSO Budget has consistently gone UP,  sworn officers in FCSO has gone DOWN, and gang presence is Forsyth Couty has EXPLODED.   More gangs = more crime = more victims = are you next?

As a side note, Schatzman claims crime has gone down in our county.  We all know the garbage in garbage out theory, that reported statistics can only reflect the numbers turned in by FCSO.  Is it possible that less officers on the street might affect these numbers?   Is it possible that report writing procedures affect these numbers?  Is it possible that crime has gone down even as gangs have increased 200 to 300%?  Has Schatzman tinkled on your leg and told you it’s raining?

Maybe it is just me, but I would have expected the opposite result.  Bigger budget = more to fight gangs.  Bigger budget = more sworn officers.  Frankly, any kind of fight would have been better than what we got…which was nothing except denial.  Again, maybe it is just me, but I think Forsyth County citizens deserve better results.

Schatzman let the “gang” genie out of the bottle in Forsyth County.  It took twelve years of pretending to be a conservative to accomplish it.  It took him awhile because he was very busy.  Between fancy events with his A-List crony friends, and night’s on the town partying in his county car, he barely had time left to FIRE war veterans.  In response, our local, old-school GOP-E continued to elect a proven destructive elitist force back into office, not once, not two, but three times.  Yes-siree, faster than we could repair that county car he wrecked, they put him back into office. It was so fast, those weeks in between the wreck and finding an LEO with a ticket book, just flew by.  Don’t ask, do tell, where is the character, integrity, honor and respect that used to define our Sheriff’s office?

As Sarah Palin would say, “How’s that work’n out for ya?”  

Newsflash!  Schatzman has all the attributes of an elitist establishment fake republican!  Channeling my inner (pre-Obama) Marine Sergeant drill instructor voice, “Can you hear me?  This man does not even qualify as a RINO!”  The animal welfare activists are slobbering all over his Facebook page.  He’s just fine with the illegal alien sanctuary status of Winston Salem.  Schatzman rules over the people’s  FCSO as if it is his own personal village, people are you listening, and to prove it he has appointed a democrat turned fake republican Chief  Deputy to run our FCSO show! 

We need to stick to the proven strategy of our 2012 Republican sweep.  Our grassroots victories were less about individual
candidates’ ideology than the narrative suggested; they were more about
stopping Obama.  Our May 6, 2014 narrative should be all about retiring Schatzman.  Unity. will. bring. him. down.

Dave Griffith has what it takes.  He is a Constitutional Conservative with the experience, character,  and leadership skills necessary to restore FCSO and protect Forsyth County interests.  Vote Dave Griffith for Forsyth County Sheriff.

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PS: No hate here for animal lovers.  Simply referencing those groups who would put animals rights before human rights.  Apparently Schatzman has a zero tolerance policy on animal abuse yet finds it entertaining to fire/ABUSE employees on a regular basis for purposes of political expediency (including veterans).  He has attempted to destroy many FC families with joblessness, his propensity for firing folks cost FC tax payers $150,000, but like the good little liberal he is, he saves the puppies.   Bleh….as Ted Nugent so succinctly asked:  So do animals have the same rights before the barbeque or after the barbeque? 

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