GOD Insider Sounds Off: Don Martin Untrustworthy!

March 14, 2014

I received the following comments from blog visitor “GOP Insider” sounding off on the questionable character and philosophy of Donald Martin, candidate for District B. County Commissioner. Martin is running against conservative GOP incumbent Mark Baker.

Clearly, this reader recognizes Martin has been quite effective in leading our schools down the pathway to perdition with his support of Common Core and System Thinking Initiative.

GOP Insider suggests that Martin is even more dangerous than a hard leftist.  This reader recognizes Martin was instrumental in promoting a “new system world view” philosophy throughout our local school system and warns voters to think before they vote!

My personal warning is to take note that this man calls himself a Republican.   

Slightly edited and rearranged “GOP Insider” comments received March 14,2014.

“The philosophy in the classroom today will be the
philosophy of government tomorrow” Abraham Lincoln

It rings as true today as it did when Lincoln said it. The left knows this and has used it as part of their assault on our core beliefs.

Primary challenger Donald Martin worked for 19 years as Superintendent of Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools (WSFCS). During that time he became a champion on System Thinking. Martin’s incredibly poor judgement leads one to consider whether his intentions were the purposeful promotion of a hard left philosophy in WSFCS.

At best, Martin demonstrated that he does not understand the dynamics of today’s political left and the threat they pose.

Martin was at the helm when the Forsyth County School Board adopted Elisabeth Motsinger’s System Thinking initiative. This teaching methodology is the brainchild of Peter Senge, in which Senge developed a process to transform education. Senge has publicly stated, “to do so it is necessary for the mental models of students to be reformed and a new system worldview developed.”

Readers should give thought to the term “new system worldview.” Senge’s System Thinking process correlates with the UN’s Agenda 21 and many believe it is a means by which Senge intends to slowly indoctrinate our youth to adopt a pro-global mentality rather than pro-American, via the vehicle of education.

Do we need any further liberal biased revisionism taught in our classrooms? Do we need our children taught that thinking collectively as a whole, developing a herd mentality is preferable to independently as unique individuals?

I believe Christian Conservative parents will resoundingly respond “NO”! They should also respond the same when given the option to vote for the man responsible for helping the hardcore left introduce this insidious teaching methodology into our classrooms.

I would no more trust Don Martin to appropriately allocate my tax dollars anymore than I would trust his judgement on teaching philosophy. At best he has proven to be naive and gullible, at worst complicit.

Well said “GOP Insider.”  It thrills my soul to see informed citizens speaking truth and pushing back.  Use my forum anytime. 

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Sandra Robles

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