Commissioner Mark Baker Challenged by Former Democrat Turned Moderate Common Core Republican

March 14,2014

The Forsyth County GOP Primary is heating up.  Our District B Board of Commissioners race
is proving to be no exception. There are no Democratic challengers therefore the May 6 primary will determine the winner of the District B Commissioner seat.
Currently serving District B is incumbent Mark Baker.  Baker’s willingness to stand tough against
wasteful spending is a matter of public record.    Mark has been firm in his opposition to tax incentives for
private companies and he has consistently voted as a fiscal conservative.  The result of his stewardship has been a
common sense approach and fiscal reality that reduced taxes for many residents yet retained the
integrity of public services such as education.   
The fact that Mark is a man of exceptional character and
honesty is not up for debate.  His
integrity and commitment to moral values is evident in how he conducts his
life.  He is a devoted family man, a
beloved educator and principal, and a loyal public servant.
Mark Baker is an asset to Forsyth County residents.  His proven abilities, his transparent open
dialogue with the citizens, and commitment to sound financial management are
paramount to our fiscal future.
Mark Baker does not need to be replaced on the Board of
Commissioners.  We need more officials like him, not less.  We certainly don’t need our own people going after him.
Unfortunately, another republican is challenging Mark.  For the life of me I cannot figure out
why.  Considering the vast numbers of
progressive politicians that need replacing, this guy decides he needs to unseat a strong and stable GOP seat.  Fix something that’s not broke.   So I
started thinking on it and I have a few things to say.  
I decided to research Baker’s challenger, former school
superintendent, Donald Martin.  I did not
like what I found.  My first bits of information were
gleaned from Triad City  
City Beat’s author describes Martin using the code words “generally
conservative,” and “moderate.”  In my
world, the words conservative and moderate are mutually exclusive, while the
word “generally” suggests “wish-washy.” I can’t help but think this bodes real RINO
potential for Mr. Martin.  Mark Baker would NEVER
characterize himself in this way nor would anyone confuse Baker’s carriage, his
actions, or the example he sets as a “generally conservative moderate.” He would
be insulted by such a description.
According to the article, Mr. Martin is out for himself, not the constituency of
Forsyth County.  He readily admits that
Baker’s philosophy and service to the community is not at issue.  Martin’s self admitted primary motivation to political office is
a function of his personal ambition and the life cycle of his name
Certainly, it is Martin’s option to seek public office.  However in these trying times of political
unrest characterized by moral, cultural, and social upheaval, hard fought
battles for conservative and moral representatives should not be up-ended by
such blatant acts of selfishness.  Furthermore,  Martin’s challenge is counterproductive to the best interests of the local GOP.  Mark Baker is doing
an excellent job representing both the citizens of Winston Salem and the
Principals of the NC Republican Party. 
The article also shows Martin to be a name dropper. 
I do not question his admiration for Dale Folwell.  I simply found it odd that an entire paragraph in an article about his candidacy, was
devoted to this relationship.  Since no
mention was made of a Folwell endorsement, I assume it does not
exist.  I looked up “name dropper” in
the Urban Dictionary .
Name Dropper:  A
usually vain person who is severely insecure about his/her popularity/image,
and must resort to the inclusion of names of the opposite sex and/or popular
people who have little/no relevance to the conversation topic in order to
achieve a self-gratifying level of social acceptance and/or ego boost. However,
attempt to impress others with ‘name-dropping’ are quite easy to see through,
and in turn, the person is seen as a complete wanker.

Considering points one and two above, enough said about

Martin calls himself a fiscal conservative yet his described platform
is based on throwing money we do not have at Education.   We just went 40 million in debt over the library bond in 2010.   North Carolinians have been under assault since 2010 with ObamaCare forced down our throats, run away unemployment, and now comes
another big spender with local plans to further intrude upon our wallets.  Martin is clear.  He wants more money for Education.  He
does not rule out higher taxes, bond referendums, and supports subsiding
private businesses through tax incentive giveaways.   I guess it is the “moderate” in Mr. Martin that makes it acceptable to suggest Forsyth County residents
pay for his big spending plans while his buddies in private business get out of
paying their fair share.

Don Martin retired from Winston Salem Forsyth County schools June 29, 2013.  Common Core was rolled out during the 2012-2013 school year.  That’s right folks, as soon as Common Core hit the classroom, Don Martin exited the scene.  Superintendent Martin managed the budget, supervised staff and
students, and made recommendations about the operation of the school
system.  He cannot escape personal
responsibility for the travesty of Common Core on Forsyth County schools and even worse, its long range devastating effects on our children.  Don Martin left a legacy, a legacy many parents wish they could give back. 

Above is a picture of the current Winston Salem Forsyth
County Schools Organization Chart (click to enlarge).    Little has changed since Martin was superintendent.  Stating the obvious, his position was the
”bridge” between Forsyth County schools and the school board.  Nothing went before the board without going through him
first.  Every single department reports
directly to the Superintendent.  He was
the head guy on the hot seat.  
To the right is a blow up of the Student Services portion of the chart.  Of all the departments, Student Services would be where student safety issues relating to crime would land, but again, this department directly reports to the Superintendent.  

Martin was superintendent until mid June 29, 2013.  This was the headline June 11, 2013.   In the hot seat…when this happened…was Don Martin.

In a nutshell, the SBI found that Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools
internally investigated
up to 20 cases of school crimes and
inappropriate teacher behavior and failed to turn the cases over to law
…while Donald Martin was Superintendent. 

Is it possible that Martin was unaware of these internal investigations by school administrators and left out of this loop?  I suppose it is.  Probable, hardly.  One teacher was allowed to stay on the job  four years before he was charged with sex crimes against a female student.  I have posted two clips specific to this case to the right.  

In conclusion, the May 6 primary will result in the election of our District B County Commissioner.  Our first choice is incumbent Mark Baker, proven fiscal conservative and dedicated public servant.  His
integrity and commitment to moral values is evident in how he conducts his
life.  He is a devoted family man, a
beloved educator and principal.  He is a man who can be trusted with our county finances, trusted to represent citizen’s best interests, and a man who can be trusted with our children.
Our other choice is Donald Martin.  He is a former democrat and self proclaimed moderate, a man admittedly running on name recognition.  So far his platform appears to be money…getting it (from you), spending it (on education), and giving it away (tax incentive subsidies).  His chance to prove he could be trusted to represent our best interests has come and gone.  His legacy is of students forced into a progressive one size fits all Common Core curriculum doomed to fail.  His character is revealed by his lack of attention to young victims of crime, crimes committed under his watch. 
Were school administrators trying to cover up crime in our schools?  Who will ever know the truth.  Fact is…they did…cover up crime…and it is probable that Don Martin knew all about it.  Is this who you want as your County Commissioner?
Vote Mark Baker District B County Commissioner.

For more information on Mark Baker, go here, here, here, and here.

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