Three Out of Three and You Are Smart Enough to Vote

This is a N.C. Senate Test.  

 1.      From what recent NC trial did the following questions set a chilling precedent?

“The plaintiffs determined that all four defendants said the same thing.  HOW do you find ONLY ONE of them liable for providing misleading information?”

” If you pass along information that you believe
to be accurate to someone that encourages them to invest in something,
which later turns out to not meet their expectations,  can you be
dragged into court?”

The answer is here.

2         American Opportunity Alliance supports

a.  Pro-Amnesty
b.  Gay Marriage
c.  Thom Tillis
d.  All of the above

 The answer is here.

3.       Who agrees with the Southern Baptist Convention that it is time to talk about illegal

immigration and support a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants allowing them to make restitution and move towards citizenship…calling it a middle ground.

a.  Mark Harris
b.  Mark Harris
c.  Mark Harris

The explanation is here.

If you got three out of three, you are smart enough to vote. 

In all fairness, Mark Harris rebuts number three here.  Don’t ask me, I don’t know what to believe, what Harris says now or what Harris said early in his campaign.

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