Heads up GOP: Exclusive Interview with Dave Griffith HERE soon!

March 11, 2014

I just finished an awesome interview with Dave Griffith, GOP contender for Forsyth County Sheriff.  Soon as I finish writing it up, it will be published HERE first.  It will be chocked full of info that you will not find in the Journal or anywhere else. I got the scoop on Travon Poindexter, the FCSO prisoner who was mistakenly released last week.

Keep an eye out and check in this blog from time to time.  Hopefully by tomorrow it will be up.  Right now my eyes are practically bleeding from all the computer work and transcription. I’ve got to take a break!

It was an awesome interview.  I am thoroughly impressed with the genteel character and honest integrity of Dave Griffith. 

Once the article comes out, I need all Griffith hands on deck to promote and share through contact lists, groups, personal blogs, Facebook posts, lively comments, tweets, twitters, and what ever else can be done to get this information to the voting public.   

Primary is less than 60 days away.  It is time to throw down! 

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