Obama, Iran, and the Malaysian Plane: Nothing to See Here Folks…

March 10, 2014

Me when I heard about IRANIAN connection to missing plane

Color me shocked I tell you…SHOCKED!

A Financial Times report has linked the stolen passports used to board the missing Malaysian plane with IRAN.


According to the Times, “It is fairly common for fraudulent documents to be used on regional
flights for illegal immigration or drug smuggling but the fact that the
aircraft has disappeared has triggered speculation of a terrorist

Awww.  That’s nice.  I’m so glad the authorities are on top of this.  I mean something really bad could have happened if they had not removed the lugguge of 5 passengers that never boarded the plane.  But then again, according to another article, extra luggage is as common as the gym shoes in my Locker-be stinky.

Evidently, a “Mr. Ali” arranged for ticket purchases for two “non-Asian” looking people.  I cannot be more specific because the article was very PC.  It is my understanding that the passports were stolen from…wait for it…wait for it…..oh gosh you guessed it….men.  So we have a disappeared plane with disappeared passengers that included two, non-Asian, possibly Iranian men with stolen passports.  GASP.

Now, understand, I am not suggesting that a person named “Mr. Ali” is automatically middle eastern.  Nor am I suggesting that all middle eastern names have terrorist ties.  All I’m say’n is his name is “Mr. Ali.”   

Watch video below of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama in his SOTU 2014 schooling American citizens on his new and ultra cool up-to-date approach to 21st Century Foreign Policy with our Iranian “friends.”  Like he told Romney in the presidential debates…we aren’t using horses and bayonets anymore…and the Cold War is over.   

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