GOP Spoiler Alert Upsets Kilby Camp: Fiery Comment Chronicles

March 8, 2014

A couple of days ago I published A Forsyth County GOP Spoiler Alert:  May 6 Primary Elects Challenger.  I received a fiery comment from a Mr. Cox.  I apologize for being unable to respond to him via the comment section.  It seems my response to his comment contained too many characters to post in my own comment section. I hate it when that happens.

Decided to put it up as it’s own article. Anyway, below is his verbatim comment, followed by my response.  By the way, this is a legitimate comment from a Kilby supporter.  I was able to get some background information and identify him as a real person active on the Kilby campaign.   I wanted to make sure it wasn’t associated with the Schatzman campaign slipping in trying to bait a response.  It is a small world…particularly if you are married into LEO circles. 

John Cox March 8 2014 at 11:23 AM
Interesting article. Let me say this. I worked with BOTH Dave and Clif
at the Sheriffs Office. I have nothing against Dave but if you want
facts, lets read them all.

1) When Dave ran in 2010, Dave wanted
to go in and fire people. In my opinion, Dave was on a head hunt. He not
only told this but he showed it when he went to meetings trying to get
supporters. Dave missed out on a lot of the votes because people seen
what he was wanting to do and just didn’t vote, period. They didn’t want
Schatzman and they didn’t want Dave. I, personally, was told this by
many especially members of certain Volunteer Fire Departments. Don’t
believe me, ask them. Also, Dave is “promising” people positions within
the department if he was to get elected. Which by the way, is ILLEGAL.
If he’s not going to fire people if he gets in, then how does he promise
these positions? They are currently filled. Clif, has said, “I’m not
promising anyone anything.” Yes, there may be some that get moved around
based on their qualifications/experience but one thing the CURRENT
Administration has caught flack for is the firing of MANY experienced
Deputies just because they didn’t support Schatzman.

2) As for
splitting the votes. Let me say this. BEFORE Clif asked me for his
support, I had called Dave and asked him if he was going to run. Dave
told me on the phone, “John, I have no plans of running. I’m done. I
just didn’t have the support.” Furthermore, Clif DID ask Dave if he was
going to run and he said “no”. Then, for some reason, people started
talking about “rumors” going around that Dave was talking about running.
When asked again if he was going to run, Dave said that “if they have
$70,000.00 in my account by July 1, then I’ll run.” He didn’t have the
money then and also filed on the last day. So what does this tell you?
Tells me he is only running because he has the money to run a campaign
and not because he wants to do the Citizens right by making the changes
that need to be made, nor does he want to SUPPORT the Deputies and
Civilian Employees that are there. He only wants to run because he has
$70,000.00 in the bank, it will give him the opportunity to “chop heads”
and “he can”. So, when you say “Clif is going to split the votes.” This
the hat WAY before Dave did. Dave was contacted by Clif several times
and was either lied to or lied to by omission. So, do you want to vote
for a man who is running only because he has the money too and wants to
fire Brad and many others or because he wants to make the positive
changes within the agency that need to be made, keep as many employees
as possible so he doesn’t have to waste tax payer money in training NEW
employees? It is YOUR vote. It is YOUR choice, be informed but know all
the facts as well. Dave told me and many others, “I’m not running.” So,
WHO is splitting the votes?

You’re also looking at a man who has
already lied to many. Great way to start off the campaign. Don’t get me
wrong, I have NO issues with Dave Griffith what so ever. He’s never done
anything to me and I mean no disrespect but this is a serious campaign
and we need to start off on the right foot, no lies.

And to my
friends who have been “promised” a position, if the man is already lying
about if he’s going to run for Sheriff or not among other things, ask
yourself if he could be lying to YOU too.


First, John, allow me to thank you for your service to our
community as both a sheriff’s department dispatcher and fire fighter.   I respect those men and women called to
dedicate their lives to public service. 
My own husband served in law enforcement for 30 years and I am blessed
he survived the sometimes life threatening challenges of the job. 
You stated emphatically that you had no issue with Griffith.  Other than your slight propensity to talk out of both sides of your mouth, I assume that your issue, then, is with my perceived audacity.  If I could invite you to re-read the article, you will note that I made no derogatory comments about your candidate’s character or wild accusations.  I simply presented the elephant in the room…calling it a spoiler alert…and predicted the outcome of the race should the situation remain unresolved.  
Thank you for commenting on my article and opening
dialogue.  This gives me the opportunity
to dispel and discourage what are slanderous statements represented as facts in
your comment.  
We both appear to have considerable contact within local LEO
circles.  Apparently our experiences are quite
I wrote several articles on the Sheriff’s race back in
2010.  I attended many of the community
meetings put on by Dave, was present at several Schatzman presentations,
attended most local GOP functions on behalf of the candidates (and in general),
broke bread with LEO in both camps, and had conversation with local fire and
In fact (speaking of fire departments), you may recall the sad and untimely death of a Forsyth County friend and co-worker, volunteer fire fighter Chad Green.  Following his death, neither his fire
“brothers” at Union Cross Fire Department or Green’s widow could get the FC
sheriff’s department to assist in the escort of this young man to his final
resting place.  Many of us, including
Dave Griffith and fire fighters from across the county, attended a fundraiser on behalf of the young man’s widow.  Schatzman never darkened
the door.  Unlike your intimation otherwise, many of the
fire and rescue folks on my side of town were very supportive of Dave Griffith,
worked on his campaign, and voted Dave Griffith for Sheriff.
Dave always has and continues to run as a fiscal
conservative.  Foundational to his 2010
campaign was his pledge to address the high employee turnover rate at the
Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department.  He
clearly expressed his concern for the high cost of re-training deputies fired for political
expediency and strongly suggested such expense as unacceptable.  2014 brings
renewed commitment from Dave to keep political chicanery out of the sheriff’s
department thereby saving Forsyth County tax payers hundreds of thousands of
dollars.  Griffith garnered 46% of the
Republican vote in 2010.  Many of those
votes were from respected sheriff’s department employees who trust their
careers under a Griffith administration.
It goes without saying that Dave Griffith has not engaged in
any illegal hiring activities as he seeks to unseat the incumbent.  This is an election, not a job fair, and his
focus is on raising money, campaigning, listening to citizen concerns, and
kissing babies.  No doubt there are many
who would LOVE to work under Dave Griffith as sheriff, including current
sheriff department employees.  Hiring and firing before winning the election
is putting the cart before the horse.  I
am unsure of the “source” of your information, but it appears to be the same
source that suggested Griffith would not be a candidate in 2014.  If this is the same “source” suggesting that
Griffith is out to fire everyone at the sheriff’s department, it is NOT a
credible source. 
Reference your statement on Dave’s bank account.  I HOPE Griffith has $70,000 in the bank for
this campaign.  It will make things a
lot easier.  Furthermore, all campaign
information is a matter of public record. 
Therefore conjecture on this subject is unnecessary. 
Dave Griffith threw his hat in the race in 2010.  His campaign was hugely successful for a
first timer.  46% support against an
incumbent is unheard of.   This level of
support guaranteed that we (Republicans who want to UNSEAT Schatzman) would
fight for a Griffith run in 2014.  We
worked too hard to get this close and let our candidate walk away.
It is really too bad Kilby didn’t understand this.  Kilby’s time and effort spent campaigning is
irrelevant.  He assumed “risk” when he
built his campaign on Griffith’s popularity before the filing deadline was
over.  Fact is, he represented himself
as the Griffith alternative and still does not have the name recognition to make
a dent against an entrenched incumbent and a popular co-challenger.   All the anger and frustration in the world
does not change the fact that Kilby is an unproven contender.   No amount of slander or rumor can change
the fact that Griffith is a proven contender.

If Kilby is honorable, he will do what is best for Forsyth County Republicans, and drop out of this race. I believe he IS an honorable man, and it is my belief that he KNOWS he cannot win this race.  I do not know of anyone who has an issue with “Kilby the man.”  The only issue we have is with “Kilby the weaker candidate” whose spoiler effect will result in the re-election of an entrenched and mendacious sheriff. 

In time, it will all come out in the wash.  On May 6, if Kilby stays in the race, the
results will be an incumbent win, Griffith 2nd, and Kilby last. 
If Kilby stays in, it is not because he wants to unseat the
sheriff…as he claims…it is because his ego got involved.  Kilby made it clear in 2011.  He was running in place of Griffith.  The proof is from his own mouth…he met with Griffith
before he made his decision to run.  It
all hinged on Dave Griffith.   
It still hinges on Dave Griffith.  As a citizen of Forsyth County who wants to
unseat the incumbent, I will vote for the best candidate who has the best chance of
winning the seat.  Hopefully, my fellow
Forsyth County Republicans feel the same way. 
Dave Griffith is that man.   

To learn more about Dave Griffith, go here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

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