Forsyth County GOP Spoiler Alert: May 6 Primary Elects Sheriff

March 6, 2014
Nobody wants to talk about it but it is the elephant in the
room.  The Forsyth County primary is
right around the corner.   GOP voters will be electing a sheriff this
May.  Unfortunately we have a situation
on our hands.  This is a spoiler alert.
Four years ago, almost 46% of Forsyth County voted for
change.  6,412 Republicans stood behind
Dave Griffith in an attempt to unseat the incumbent sheriff.   There has been no indication the mindset of
these citizens has changed.  In fact, as
our political landscape continues to decline, one can assume that even more
Forsyth County voters desire change in 2014.  

Dave Griffith 2014 FCGOP Candidate for Sheriff

2014 finds us with the same unpopular sheriff running for
his fourth term, but unlike 2010, we have two GOP contenders for his seat.  Seasoned 2010 veteran of the sheriff’s race
is Dave Griffith.  Newcomer to the race
for sheriff is Clif Kilby.  No democrats
have filed to run.  The May 6, 2014
primary is it.  He who wins the
primary is our new sheriff
If Griffith and Kilby split the vote, we will have a
replay of 2010.  The same unpopular
sheriff will be back in office and at least 46% of Republican voters will be
unhappy with the result.  Include me in
that group.
I had the experience of working on Griffith’s campaign back
in 2010.  It was a grass roots effort
that resonated with both the GOP and local tea partiers.  Our efforts proved with mathematical certainty,
that Dave Griffith was a viable candidate for sheriff, capable of representing
at least 46% of the FCGOP voters. 
Forsyth County residents, particularly TEA, historically supported a
Griffith candidacy.
Enter Clif Kilby.  In
2011, Clif presented himself to Forsyth County citizens and Tea Partiers as a
replacement candidate for Griffith in 2014. 
Kilby told them (and me in a recent email) that Griffith privately
shared he would not run for sheriff in 2014.  Based on this foundation and nod at Griffith’s popularity,
Kilby’s 2014 campaign for sheriff began. 
Unfortunately, it appears no one verified this information
with Griffith.  Fact is, it is 2014 and
Dave Griffith is running for sheriff…again…as he should…because he is
the only viable proven competition capable of unseating the incumbent
Fox 8 Online Headlines
Putting things in perspective, Griffith is running against
the incumbent, not Kilby.  Griffith’s
local support has already been established by historical evidence.  Kilby is supposed to be running against the
incumbent as well, yet he appears to be focusing on Griffith supporters,
seeking votes that were historically Griffith’s, splitting TEA support of
Griffith, based on the obvious false premise that Griffith would not run in 2014.  
I think we can all agree, this race is about unseating the
incumbent, not switching out the contenders
Regardless of Kilby’s platform or intentions, his candidacy
has created a situation that divides the conservative anti-RINO pro-TEA vote enough
to possibly destroy our chances of unseating an unpopular incumbent
So, breaking it down, I guess it is up to Kilby supporters
to decide between the incumbent or …the incumbent.  Mathematically speaking, a vote for Kilby is a vote for the
incumbent.  The mathematical likelihood that
Griffith will carry more votes than Kilby is strong.   Griffith has a known following (46% of 2010 GOP votes)
and the added bonus of increased name recognition from his 2010 campaign.  Furthermore, the mathematical likelihood
that the incumbent will carry more votes than Kilby is strong.  The incumbent has a known following
(56% of 2010 GOP votes), name recognition, and incumbent advantage.  The mathematical likelihood that Kilby will
garner more votes than either Griffith or the incumbent or both
(required to win the race) is low.  He
is unproven by historical standards and is starting from ground zero on name
But for the Kilby spoiler alert, Griffith is less than 1300
votes from victory if the same turnout occurs in 2014 as did in
2010.  Unfortunately, Republicans are
bad to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. 
It is my opinion, based on mathematics and logic, a vote for
Kilby will result in the reelection of our unpopular incumbent. 

This is a spoiler alert. 
I hope the local GOP and my beloved Tea Party friends have learned from our
many disappointments.  Don’t give
this race to the RINO’s because of fickle feelings or misunderstandings.  Believe you me, the incumbent sheriff is
counting on a split vote and a fourth win even as he ponders another
chance at the Forsyth County Sheriff department’s 40 million dollar
Vote with your head. 
Dave Griffith was your preferred candidate in 2010.  He is more committed to the citizens of
Forsyth County today than he was four years ago.  He survived the 2010 trial by fire, almost brought victory to our
cause, and is sacrificially back again for more.
Don’t give me the chance to say “I told you so” on May 7,
2014 (and you KNOW I will!)

To find out more about Dave Griffith, go here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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