Venezuela Update: Foreign Journalists Kicked Out!

February 24, 2014

Chavez replacement, Nicholas Maduro, is continuing his war  against Venezuelan citizens.

A purge of foreign journalists is now underway.  CNN has reported the loss of their press credentials. 

Florida Senator Marco Rubio describes the situation as follows:

“We must assume that Nicolás Maduro is kicking out CNN, CNN en Español
and other foreign journalists as a precursor to even more violent and
deadly tactics against innocent Venezuelans,” he said. “This press
assault is a worrying sign that Maduro intends to dig in and step up the
violence with the false belief that the world will never find out
because he’s kicking out journalists.”

As reported earlier this week, Maduro has managed to shut down most forms of
free speech including television, internet, and most recently, twitter.

So far it is crickets from Obama.  It seems he is finding it hard to condemn a fellow despot who’s crimes are surprisingly similar to the communist-lite goals of the Obama Administration.

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