Headline is Reminder of Richard Burr’s Legislative Deceit

February 23,2014

Organic farmers all over the nation are beginning to feel the heat of SENATOR RICHARD BURR’S S510 Food Safety and Modernization Act of 2010.  Because of Burr’s bill,  farmer’s are being harassed out of business by Burr’s gift of MORE power to an already tyrannical, bloated, government bully…the FDA.  Just making sure all you folks REMEMBER what Burr has done.

These headlines speak towards precisely what Richard Burr said WOULD NOT HAPPEN.  On the other hand, prior to S510 becoming law, OK Senator TOM COBURN issued a report calling the 225 page bill “burdensome,” “problematic,” and “onerous.”  He said “this bill represents a weighty new regulatory structure on the food
industry that will be particularly difficult for small producers and
farms to comply with (with little evidence it will make food safer).”

What did Burr say about S510?  From personal correspondence with his office came the following information.  

He also put out a press release to officially continue the lies and deceit.

Yet, today’s article in the  Los Angeles times expounds on the headline listing examples of onerous NEW FDA regulations that BURR PROMISED WOULD NOT HAPPEN.  Below is another snip from the article.


 In the event you forgot WHY Burr pushed this bill…it was money.  BIG money.  Like over $300,000 worth of campaign contributions (bribes) from pro S510 special interest groups.

Between FEDERAL/STATE mismanagement of West Coast Runoff for the sake of endangered FISH BAIT (smelt), last weeks announcement that farmers will get NO WATER this year (environmentalists shut down the aquaduct system), the drought throughout America’s breadbasket states, and farmers under attack by Burr’s newly empowered FDA thugs…what do you plan to eat?   

Springs coming. If you are smart, you will plant a garden…and NEVER VOTE FOR RICHARD BURR AGAIN.

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