Venezuela and U.S. Indifference

February 22, 2014

is our puppet media downplaying the Venezuelan rebellion?  Are Obama
Administration handlers censoring what appears to be a “grass-roots”
revolution against tyrannical and corrupt government because our own government is tyrannical and corrupt and fear a similar uprising in the US?  Will Americans get the same idea?

American Media is virtually silent about Venezuela.  I googled (2/22 at 9:00 am) “top news stories” and first in line was NBC.  Top six stories are:

Ukraines President Deal to End Violence
Drama Unfolds on Ice in.Sochie
Thunderstorms Across Us Bring Tornadoes
Same Sex Marriage Lawsuits
China US Relations Over Dalai Lama
Michelle Goes “Ewe” on Tonight Show

Are you kidding me?  Michelle says “ewe?”  Homosexual marriage…again???  The weather???  With this going on in Venezuela…

Dead Student and Beauty Queen Genesis Carmona
Injured Venezuelan Student and Protesters
Caracas Protesters Fill Street

When Venezuela’s dictator died…a tyrant who persecuted Jews, denied basic civil liberties and acted as a banker
for the Iranian regime, it was big news.  Of course I speak of Hugo
Chavez who died in March 2013. Interestingly enough, our American media
spoke of him almost kindly.  Likewise, Obama honored him with a funeral
delegation while virtually ignoring the funeral of the U.K.’s Margaret Thatcher.

Quoting CBS,

President Hugo Chavez died of a massive heart attack after great
and inaudibly mouthed his desire to live, the head of
Venezuela’s presidential guard said late Wednesday. “He couldn’t speak but he said it with his lips … ‘I don’t want to
die. Please don’t let me die
,’ because he loved his country, he
sacrificed himself for his country,” Gen. Jose Ornella told The
Associated Press.”

Will the media’s epitaph for
Venezuelan rebels be as kind as the words they wrote about Chavez.  Will
they evoke compassion using those same emotional words like “Great
suffering,” “loved his country,”and “sacrifice?” 

citizens died of tyranny and corruption after great suffering.  They
mouthed their desire to live free…but they could not speak against
their government…but said with their lips, voices, bodies, and lives
“We don’t want to die…Please don’t let us die,”
because we love our
, and sacrifice ourselves for our country.

Chavez’ tyrannical legacy continues as Venezuela burns.  Corrupt
government forces are brutalizing citizens, using deadly force against
the unarmed, and are well on their way to shutting down all forms of
free speech including television, internet, and most recently, twitter

Like he ignored the death of Margaret Thatcher, Obama remains silent and neutral.   So neutral, he comes off as ignorant.  In fact, his entire administration claims ignorance as their excuse

US Government Feigns Ignorance

cannot depend on media to report on news unapproved by the Obama
administration.  Clearly, Venezuela is not as important as sodomite
lawsuits, and Michelle Obama’s romp through late night TV.  It is up to
us to spread the news.

Please watch and pass on the following video. 

                                    Copyright ©Sandra Robles

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