(2014) Obama’s Climate Hub Agenda

Obama’s desire to expand government took center stage in his
State of the Union address.  Central to
his theme was the administrations announcement of 7 regional climate change hubs and 3 sub-hubs.  Pledging to attack “climate change” through executive order, Obama once again flexed his executive branch muscles.  Not that anything has changed since
2009.  Never in the history of this
nation have we seen government expand it’s bureaucratic fingers so deep into
our nation’s economy.  From tax funded
bailouts to control of the healthcare industry, the regional climate change hub
is more of the same.

The most obvious issue with the climate change hub roll out
is Obama’s declared intent to bypass Congress.   This initiative destroys our Constitutional three branch system
of checks and balances.  Quotinq
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, “…hubs
are really part of the president’s climate action plan and its
directive of us to actually act, not wait for Congress, not wait for
laws to be passed, but to do it on our own.”

Not since Nazi Germany has a more sophisticated propaganda
machine been created to spread disinformation, bypass political opponents, and
expand government power.  Obama’s
machine is comprised of more than 7 centers of disinformation, one of which is located in North Carolina.  In order to achieve his goals of
government expansion and Marxist utopia, Obama’s administration will use our local USDA facilities and the
Department of Agriculture (DOA) to create program support outside his base of
fanatical climate change extremists. 

Both the DOA and Obama have characterized the hubs as part
of his climate change agenda.  Using the
DOA, he muddies the water with themes of “helping farmers, rangers, and forest
landowners” while arousing national fears of food shortages and natural
disasters.  Not only will these
feed  false data and fake science to farmers and landowners, these hubs
could become the distribution path for an amped up media onslaught of
destroying government climate change initiatives.  Will
these centers morph into partnership with regulatory agencies?
Without a doubt, the regional hubs promote United Nations
Agenda 21 initiatives thereby undermining U.S. Sovereignty.  Two examples (out of many) of the Agenda 21
overlap with Regional Hubs include sustainability and Disaster
Preparedness.  Living up to it’s name,
the “Regional Hub for Risk Adaption and Mitigation of Climate Change”
compliments the Agenda 21 “Culture of Safety.”   Secretary Vilsack specifically mentioned fires, invasive pests,
floods, and droughts as examples of mitigating circumstances requiring
government intervention. 
The official USDA announcement’s intent is clear… ranchers,
farmers, and forest landowners need government climate hubs to translate
science and research into information that can be used to adapt and adjust
their resource management.   What does
that mean…to adapt and adjust resource management?  Do these groups require government help to understand best use
practices for production, profit, and sustainable INCOME of their own personal
property?  Or is the government idea of
“resource management” at odds with private property based capitalistic
(Addendum for Christians)
As a self-proclaimed watchman on the wall, Obama and the
progressive agenda is more than climate change or government edicts.  Of eternal concern, Obama’s hubs are the
continuation of our nation’s fall from grace. 
For those with a Christian worldview, Satan’s fingerprints are all over
the hub initiative and it’s climate change foundation.  Fake science (lies), propaganda (more lies),
and attempted regulation based on lies, are all of Satan…the father of all
Most disturbing is the packaging of these lies.  Secretary Vilsack directly appeals to
farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners with “I’m from the government and I am
here to help.”   It wasn’t that a call
for help was extended.  These folks have
been TARGETED by Obama’s climate change agenda as the Trojan horse for his
climate plans/carbon tax dreams.  
Ultimately, these folks will be sacrificed on the altar of climate
As is most of Obama’s Marxist agenda, these hubs are a
continuation of the effort to undermine God’s sovereignty in this world while
chipping away at the Christian foundation of United States.  The lies upon which this hub initiative
depend points to proclamation that government is god.  Only the government can save humanity from itself.  Only government can protect us from floods,
pestilence, and drought.  

the establishment of these new hubs without Congressional approval,
Obama has upped the ante.  We know the players, both temporal and
eternal.  A showdown is coming.  “For we wrestle
not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual
wickedness in high places.”  Ephesians 6:12

USDA Announcement here

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