(2014) Blog Time Out: Missing in Action for 2 Years!

Life has changed for me since my last post in 2012. Like many
bloggers and TEA folks, I invested four years fighting Obama and
Congress and it burned me out.  I had to shut it down. 

I hit a big brick wall.  I am the one in eight women diagnosed with
breast cancer.  They called it Invasive Lobular Carcinoma.  It is a
nasty, hard to see cancer that the mammogram readers missed for at least
six years.  On the other hand, it was lazy and slow to spread.  Because
the tumor had grown too large for a lumpectomy, because it likes to
mirror in the opposite breast, and because it was sitting smack dab over
my heart, I had a bi-lateral mastectomy.  Though it was horrid losing
my breasts, had I gone the lumpectomy route, I would have needed
radiation in way-too-close proximity to my heart.  Couldn’t see the
point to survive cancer only to die of heart problems caused by the

Brittany and Caleb Wedding

Sentinel lymph nodes were tested during surgery for
spread, and they were clear.  My tumor was Oncotype tested (genetic) and
it was determined chemotherapy would be of no benefit.   Unfortunately,
cancer can spread via the lymphatic system and/or the blood stream. 
The side effects of hormone therapy caused me extreme joint pain plus
other quality of life stuff, so I’m not taking it either.  According to
statistics, I have a 70% chance of being cancer free in 10 years but the
studies are based on women participating in hormone therapy.

also broke my arm last year.  A three part proximal humorous fracture. 
I couldn’t bend over, couldn’t dress myself, couldn’t type, couldn’t
move.  I’m getting ready to start physical therapy this month.  Trying
to work my way through tears in my rotator cuff, bicep, and tendonitis. 
The mastectomy was NOTHING compared to this broken arm.

Noah (2 yrs) and Skyyler (New!)

Let’s see….what else happened…hmmmm.  Oh, mom
almost died twice last year.  She has had multiple myeloma, breast
cancer, renal failure, and bone issues for 16 years.  The good news, she
fired Hospice before Thanksgiving last year when they sent her home to
die.  She is redecorating her house and just got back from an antique
show.    Go figure…she is stubborn.

2 year old Annie

My son got married and between his new family and my daughter’s family, I have been blessed with three more grandchildren since 2012…that makes 7 grandchildren for
me.  My step daughter got married but no kids yet.

health insurance more than doubled because of ObamaCare, my son’s full
time job went part-time because of ObamaCare (and full time jobs are
nowhere to be found),  we put in an awesome year round garden, and
started raising a few back yard chickens.  I lost a bunch of weight from
adopting a healthy “keep cancer at bay” lifestyle but gained it all
back when forced to sit on my rear end while this arm healed.  Gotta get
back on the program.

This winter’s garden

Sometime this year, I will undergo Part 1
of breast reconstruction.  Can’t do it till my arm is completely
healed.  If I’m lucky, Part 2 will get done before the year ends. 
Trying to take advantage of my deductible being paid up.

New Backyard Coop (recycled windows)

Anyway, life goes on with its ups and downs, and I hope to start
posting again. Needless to say, I have a renewed focus on eternal
things.  Cancer has blessed me with a closer walk with Christ.  You will
probably hear about it if you keep up with me.  It’s all good.

PS.  Been doing some housekeeping.  Posted a lot of my old articles from 2010 to 2012 that were featured on another web site.  If you notice some things “out of order,” they are!

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