(2011) Governor Perdue in Bed with Alinsky Promoting union

January 6, 2011
Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE) is not the only radical progressive group forcing Saul Alinsky socialism on Forsyth County and North Carolina.  CHANGE seeks local control of our school board, our mayor(s) office, city officials, and our police department with a pro-immigration, redistribution of wealth, and anti-liberty agenda. 

They are assisted on the state and federal level by the pro-Alinsky National Education Association (NEA).

Do you want to understand why our schools are such dismal failures and systemic socialist reorganization has become entrenched in NC politics?  Look no farther than the NEA and their progressive, socialist agenda.  While using our children and schools as CAMOUFLAGE, this UNION uses stealth to gain POWER and facilitate PROGRESSIVE SOCIAL CHANGE.

Obama and NEA here.
Bev. Perdue and NEA here.
NEA recommended reading list here.  You won’t believe this!
NEA heavy hitters and NEA agenda here and here.
NEA 2009-2010 social change accomplishments here.

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