(2010) WSSU To Be Early Voting Site: After Illegal Emails

Forsyth County Board of Elections ruled to ALLOW Winston Salem State University to continue in their status as an early voting site.

From NC
As many of you are probably aware,an email was sent to over 6000 students and staff of Winston-Salem State University toting the Democratic slate and urging people to get out and vote. The message was recanted but the potential damage has already been done, particularly since WSSU has been designated as an early voting site.

Winston Salem State University has a formal complaint lodged against it for using OUR tax dollars to promote the Democrat Party this week. Let me repeat, they are using our tax dollars to advocate for 1 party only. So this is what we are up against and it is morally reprehensible and absolutely illegal. Someone should be held accountable for using university funded email servers to promote their political beliefs.

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