(2010) Whose Fault Are the FAKE ID’s

November 19, 2010
On 15 Nov 2010 Durham City Council voted to recognize the Mexican Matricula Consular as acceptable identification.

Many North Carolina citizens are asking themselves “how did this happen” and “who is at fault.”  The answer is simple.  After you brush your teeth this morning, look up.  The guilty party will be looking back at you in the mirror.

We can blame the city council, we can blame groups like El Centro Hispana, or we can blame the police department.  Certainly outrage is appropriate.  Human nature tempts us to point fingers.  However, as responsible citizens of this state, our cities, this nation…it is time for us to grow up and accept the WE are responsible for the state of illegal immigration in North Carolina and America. 

We elected the people who promote illegal immigration into office, we do not hold them accountable, and we elect them again.  Mayors, city council members, and legislators are not appointed, they are elected by us.  Police Chiefs are hired by the people we elect.

The good news is we now see the error of our ways.  We have learned from this, and can now apply what we have learned to future events.

Winston Salem and Forsyth County needs to pay close attention.  The “fall” of Durham to Mexican Matricula cards began in 2002 with their mayor and their police department. Eight years later, the matricula consular is officially recognized.

So it begins in Winston Salem.  Nov 2010 our police department announced acceptance of a defacto identity card from a local radical Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) affiliate cell called Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE).  See video here.
Now would be an excellent time to brush those teeth and look up.  The person who is looking back is the enemy.  We are doing this to ourselves!

Until each and every legal citizen wakes up, speaks up, and activates correction, expect history to repeat itself in Winston Salem.  We start this now.  Not tomorrow.  Not in 2012.  Today.

The CHANGE identification initiative in partnership with the Winston Salem Police Department and the Mayor’s ground work portends an imminent strike on our City Council to accept the Mexican Matricula as valid and statutory identification for city agencies and services.

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