(2010) Verbatim Conversation CHANGE Leaders on School Diversity…

On October 31, 2010
On April 5, 2010 Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE) held a Spring Assembly at First Baptist Church on 5th St. in Winston Salem. One of their main objectives was to “sell” their concept of why a new school assignment plan was necessary (forced busing).

A speech promoting the need for a new school assignment plan was given by the Rev. Willard Bass and the Rev. Nathan Parrish. These verbatim words clearly reveal the collective mantra that permeates the CHANGE logic.   Highlights are my commentary. 

Verbatim Portion of the CHANGE Spring Assembly:

Willard: We’ve been asked to speak about the third item on the C.H.A.N.G.E. Agenda for education.

Nathan: Exploring alternatives to the current school assignment plan that will increase diversity and promote greater academic achievement.

(They like to group “improved diversity” with greater academic achievement..one has nothing to do with the other…this has been proven over and over again)

Willard: A new student assignment plan – some say that sounds pretty radical

Nathan: Well it sounds more radical than it really is. We have had new plans in the past.

Willard: Tell us about them.

Nathan: In 1971 the School Board adopted a new plan for student assignment designed to desegregate our schools. In 1984, we adopted a new student assignment plan. And in 1995 the Board adopted the current student assignment plan – known as Choice.

(According to the Incumbent School Board, approximately 90% of parent requests for school assignment/choice are met. And yes, it is extremely radical to replace a parent’s choice with forced school assignment.)

Willard: So about every 12-15 years, our school Board has adopted a new assignment plan.

Nathan: That’s right.

Willard: And we’ve been on the Choice Plan for about 15 years.

Nathan: That’s right.

Willard: So it’s really time for the next School Board to look at the assignment plan again.

Nathan: That sounds right to me…

(Or perhaps it took a few changes and a few years  to get it right…Parent’s now have a choice…Parent’s of all races/nationalities/religions have a choice in Forsyth County…and kindly explain Rev. Nathan/CHANGE where is the “rule,” “law,” or “tradition” that every 12-15 years the school assignment plan must be changed.  The group CHANGE is “selling” the  concept that “it is time” to redo the school assignment plan as they work towards implementing “social change” with their ultimate goal  being social welfare programs, redistribution, and regulation.  The old saying ” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”  comes to mind.   Also the word  “hogwash.”  This is where the sheeple start falling for false conclusions and illogical thinking.)

Nathan: …But why should we invest time, energy, and money creating a new student assignment plan when we already have one.

Willard: Because we can do better.

(Here comes the siren’s song.)

Nathan: Really, better. In what ways.

Willard: For one thing, a new student assignment plan could and should help us do better in creating diversity in our schools. Since adopting the Choice Plan, we have been losing diversity across the board – particularly in our elementary schools.

(It will create more than diversity , it will put our tax burden through the roof when we have to pay for all the gas, buses, bus drivers, and maintenance required to bus children where Forsyth County forces you to send them. Not to mention, If 90% of parents who request a particular school are successful in placing their child, yet some parents choose not to make a choice, how is it right that all parents lose their choice because of those who did not exercise their right to chose.    If parents are choosing a less diverse environment, I’m not saying this is happening but if it was, what business is it of the government to step in and take away their choice? This is a perfect example of a Nanny State Mentality.  “I am the government and I know what is best for you.”

Nathan: So are you saying we’ve basically re-segregated our schools?

(Huh? The Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. Board of Education that segregation is illegal and overturned all segregation laws in the country. Now, according to “Willard” and “Nathan,” Forsyth County is breaking federal law? This is what Alinsky called “agitating.” These guys are NUTS!)

Willard: For the most part – and we’ve done it around economics and race.

(Oh Lord help me…here we go with the race baiting and the class envy…all the rich man’s fault…like good socialists/Marxists/Alinsky & IAF trained community organizers, these men “Willard” and “Nathan” are agitating/encouraging the poor man (or minority) to envy the “evil rich” or “evil white man,” or “evil capitalism,” or “evil Republicans,” etc. ad nauseum while trying to fire up the audience with false charges of racism, class warfare, sexism, and oppression. Good grief. Some kids cannot behave…it’s the evil rich man’s fault. Some  parents fail to exercise their choice…it’s the evil white mans fault. Mostly black males are suspended from school for oppositional and defiant behaviors…HOW IS ANY OF THIS THE RICH MAN’S FAULT, OR THE WHITE MAN’S FAULT, OR THE REPUBLICANS FAULT, OR THE CAPITALIST’S FAULT! But alas, we cannot expect these IAF trained organizers to speak on accountability of the individual. THIS IS WHAT ALINSKIAN TACTICS LOOK LIKE. Use this real world example to learn how to recognize the flawed logic and the manipulation of their unwitting victims.)

Nathan: So a new school assignment plan could help us create more diverse learning environments that will provide educational experiences, outcomes, and social learning that is better for all students and the community as a whole.  THE END OF SPEECH

Again, they end their spiel by grouping “improved diversity” with greater academic achievement..one has nothing to do with the other.  I don’t know about you but I have had just about enough of Nathan and Willard for one day. I’m tellin’ you people, this is a straight-up, word for word, verbatim repeat of a portion of the speech given by the Reverends’ Bass and Parrish. CHANGE served up TWO solid hours of this drivel that day. Those conservatives that were present in the audience endured so we could report this to YOU!  Forsyth County needs to know!

Oh…and by the way, Mr. Willard Bass has connections not only with CHANGE but also Winston Salem State University. You know, as I ponder this WSSU connection…it’s hard not to think of that blasted ole’ illegal email those folks sent out two weeks ago to 6000 people. He is found on WSSU’s webpage in several places specifically under the speakers link and PowerPoint tab.

It is just so interesting that his speech/PowerPoint presentation was on dismantling racism, yet by his actions and activity with agitating the black and minority community with the IAF/CHANGE agenda, he accomplishes exactly the opposite.

I know you are getting tired of hearing me say it, but we need your help. We need your vote. We need to elect a school board that we can trust to protect our right to choose. There are only seven candidates …7 out of over 25…who stand against this group of agitator’s/community organizers. These candidates are Lori Goins Clark, Jeannie Metcalf, Donny Lambeth, Jill Tackaberry, A.L. Buddy Collins, Marilyn A. Parker, and Jane D .Goins Goins. Vote today. Please…for the sake of the children.

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