(2010) [UPDATED Again]! Word is S 510 Slipped Into Sleeping Patient: PASSES

December 20, 2010
UPDATE per Burr’s Washington Office: On Sunday Dec. 18th at approx. 7:00 pm H.R. 2751 (vehicle for S.510) was called to the Senate floor. Text was struck out and replaced with S.510 including the Tester Hagan Amendment, and was passed by unanimous consent. Bill sent to House for clarification. Unclear when House will take action on bill. If passed exactly as received from Senate, it’s a done deal and will go for presidential signature. Only if language is changed will the Senate get another shot. It is expected to pass as written.  H.R. 3082 was attached to Omnibus Bill which was pulled by Harry Reid for lack of votes. H.R.2751 is the last known vehicle for S.510. The Blue Slip issue is now a moot point because the current bill originated in the House.

We are waiting for a call from Burr’s Washington Office for clarification. Neither WS or Asheville office could answer to the status of the various bills being used as transport for S.510.

UPDATE from Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund (We apologize for the confusion over this bill. It is very difficult to keep up with Harry Reids tricks/maneuvering while the Lame Duck Congress is operating at WARP speed. These folks never sleep but reporters…folks who update tracking sites DO. We will continue to do our best reporting our research. Thank you for your understanding and consideration) :

On December 19, the Senate passed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA, formerly S.510) as an amendment to H.R. 2751.
The House had previously passed FSMA as an amendment to a spending bill, H.R. 3082; Senate Democrats were not successful in advancing this version of H.R. 3082 and a subsequent amended version of 3082 which still included FSMA failed as well.
By unanimous consent without a recorded vote, the Senate passed FSMA after substituting its language in H.R. 2751, one of the “Cash for Clunkers” bills originating in the House in 2009; H.R. 2751 was sent back to the House where it could be voted on as early as Tuesday.
This is the last chance to defeat the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. People need to contact their Representatives now!

I cannot find Congress.org or Gov.Track proof of this nor have any MSM reported on this (that I can find).  I was not watching Cspan today…but here is the word from blog world.  Found Washington Insider source here.

Hat tip to Randy’s Right and JoAnnMor’s Blog with Jamie Dupree’s partial commentary here:

In a parliamentary move laid out on the Senate floor by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just after 7pm, the Senate took the food safety language that was passed as part of a stop-gap budget plan by the House, attached it to another House-passed bill and approved that by unanimous consent.
A Democratic Senate aide told me that Republicans did not object to the plan, even though the bill has garnered fierce opposition in some GOP quarters.
The move was a surprise, as it seemed like the Food Safety bill was going to die in the waning days of this year, despite strong support in both the House and Senate.

The bill almost went down the drain originally because of an elementary mistake by Senate Democrats, who added revenue provisions to a measure that originated in the Senate, despite the Constitutional requirement that all spending and revenue bills start in the House.
The House refused to act directly on that legislation, because of what’s known as a “blue slip” problem.
That problem was solved when the House approved its long-term Continuing Resolution last week, which included the language of the Senate-passed food safety bill.
As reported above, the Senate on Sunday night simply took the revised food safety language that was approved by the House in the CR, substitued it to the language of HR 2751, one of the original “Cash for Clunkers” bills from last year, and approved it by unanimous consent.

It was been added to HR3082, can be found on page 1685.  Link here.

Son’s of Satan may have pulled it off. THANK YOU Richard Burr. NOT.

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