(2010) Republican Dirty Laundry: Plyler Censured

December 2, 2010
Constructive Criticism.  Wikipedia defines it as “a compassionate attitude towards the person [group] qualified for criticism.  There are certain groups of people who do not handle constructive analysis well such as those with narcissistic, paranoid, and avoidant  personality disorders.   Any Forsyth County GOP’ers with these personality issues, stop reading now.  This article will offend you.

The Forsyth County GOP has lost itself.  It is my belief that we can correct this situation with a critical analysis of our mistakes.  The result of these mistakes has been a weakening of our local group and a loss of potential effectiveness in the Forsyth county political arena.  Many of our members have bailed and joined the ever increasing group of unaffiliated voters.  Many of our members have abandoned the GOP for a quasi-third party founded on constitutional principles known as the Tea Party.  Many of our members feel ostracized by what appears to be an elitist and privileged group more concerned for social status than everyday grass roots Forsyth County citizens.  Many are just plain frustrated by what seems a disorganized social agenda more concerned with protecting turf and political correctness than adherence to conservative principles.  For whatever the reason, our beloved GOP is not living up to its potential.

From a positive perspective, we organized, activated, managed to flip the house in Raleigh and protect our turf in Forsyth county.    We are an angry and disenfranchised electorate fed up with Washington DC corruption, a progressively controlled Congress, a socialist President, an over-reaching government, unconstitutional mandated government health care, takeover of private business, bailouts, out of control border security, a failed monetary policy, and disastrous foreign policy.  

Be it not for national civil unrest, we could have completely failed in our local mission in Forsyth County and Raleigh.  Fortunately we did not fail.

On the other hand, many of us worked day and night to achieve this victory and deserve credit for our efforts.  God bless all of those who walked the walk rather than talk the talk, missed sleep, worked the phone banks, worked the polls, invested in campaigns, etc.  I personally have never seen such commitment to protecting America and our children’s future as I saw in 2010.

Our work has just started.  We have some serious concerns in our local conservative community that must be brought out into the open, discussed constructively, analyzed and prioritized for effectiveness, inclusiveness, and focus on the perpetuation of conservative values for future generations.

For instance, the Winston Salem Journal ran an article this week that focused on divisive elements within the Forsyth County GOP.  Rather than promoting unity within the party, we received media attention over a fake republican raising the ire of Forsyth county republican leaders.  The Journal put the bait on the hook, and we ate it.  At a time that we need media attention over important issues such as the sanctuary status of Winston Salem for illegal immigrants,  the infiltration of our Board of Elections by Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) trainee Linda Sutton, the use of publicly funded centers of education for partisan political purposes, the victimization of our local churches by an Alinsky founded IAF cell called Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE), the partisan pro-illegal immigration activity of the Winston Salem Police Department, what did we get?  We got publicity over infighting in the local GOP.

Mistakes are OK as long as we learn from them.  We all knew Plyler was a democrat.  He has made no effort to hide his true colors.  At least he has been transparent in his ideology and alignment with Kaplan.  We might consider that Plyler is less the enemy than the mainstream republicans who are more adept at hiding their true nature, whether they be Rino’s or morally corrupt politicians in the game for power and personal gain. 

Not that I disagree with censuring Plyler, it is our duty to vet and endorse only true conservative candidates, there are other republicans that equally deserve to be censured by the executive committee of the Forsyth County GOP.  This should happen when candidate indiscretions of moral turpitude or party disloyalty are discovered and BEFORE they become elected officials.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

The act of removing republican endorsement of Plyler is a welcome breath of fresh air.  Unfortunately we are censuring him for signs in his yard rather than the substance of his voting record.  Protecting the turf of pretend republicans is not our job.  Our job is to promote and endorse true conservatives which brings up another point. 

The tea party formed as a result of a federal government over-reaching their constitutional boundaries.  Whether the issue was constitutional eligibility of the president, unconstitutionally mandated health care or circumventing the constitutional protections built into our three branches of government, the GOP has mismanaged and outright neglected to get out the message of our commitment to the United States Constitution and our founding principles.  In the process, we have lost active membership to quasi third parties and missed an opportunity to better utilize a newly emerging activist oriented grass roots movement. 

This is deeper than a public relations gaffe but indicative of a disconnect of our base to constitutional principles and priorities.  The priority of political correctness is over emphasized and is nothing more than a liberal progressive mantle of slavery that we have allowed to stifle our effectiveness.  It is imperative that we correct our priorities and this perception as we realign and remind ourselves of the foundation upon which this republic stands.  Once we make our attitude corrections, it will become a simple public relations campaign to get out the message.

This critical analysis will not be complete until we face the perception of elitism in our party.  There is no question that all conservatives are welcome to participate in our local GOP.  Perception and a few sad facts are hindering movement in this direction. 

According to Forsyth Futures, for the time period of 2006 to 2008, housing costs were a burden for yearly household income of approximately $50,000 or less.  With a median income or midpoint of all income levels in Forsyth County at $46,912 (2008), how can the Forsyth County GOP expect the less advantaged to embrace our constitutional principles, consider affiliation with our party or participate in party functions when we price them out with $100 Christmas dinners or costly conferences? 

Though we may see these functions as fund raising opportunities, others may see them as less than inclusive.  As a result, the democrats parlay this perception to their advantage.   I don’t know the answer to this problem but have no doubt that Forsyth county Republicans can rise to this challenge and address the issue.  It may be as simple as redesigning the GOP website into a more community friendly format or changing the focus of GOP meetings to include youth/college activism, activist training, and community opportunities for outreach.

Forsyth county Republicans have a unique opportunity.  We have two years to develop a more focused and community driven constitutionally conservative force that will impact the 2012 elections.  Politics starts in our own backyard.  The future of Forsyth County, North Carolina, and America depends on unity and clarity of vision in the GOP.

Now…get fired up with this audio from Mark Levin to the GOP:  Stop Talking Politics and Start Fighting H/T to RealClearPolitics and The Right Scoop.

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