(2010) NC State Employees Caught Up in Union Shell Game

January 6, 2011

In 2008, the State Employee Association of North Carolina went into cahoots with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to become SEANC SEIU Local 2008.   Better known by conservative patriots as “the purple shirts,” in exchange for NC state employee resources, the SEIU promised strength in collective bargaining for state workers.

Indeed, the wage gap between state government employees and private sector workers in North Carolina doubled from 2000-2009.  North Carolina state employees enjoy 20% higher complensation than their contemporaries in the private sector.

Considering the SEIU took over SEANC in 2008 chanting the mantra of fair wages for NC state employees, and considering state wages have been going up since 2000 without the help of the SEIU, one must conclude the SEIU had a more sinister motive behind their smoke and mirrors game with state workers.  What if it turns out their motive has nothing to do with wages or concern for North Carolina state employees?

In 2005 the SEIU severed ties with the AFL CIO.  However in 2008, they settled their differences, teamed up their resources ($88 million) and targeted elections in 26 states including California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  They spent $10 million in the Arkansas primary election.  They used union member rolls to generate 15 million votes in races for Congress, governor, and state legislatures.  Today, the SEIU and the AFL CIO are the two largest and most powerful labor unions in the United States.

To understand the socialist motive behind the SEIU movement in North Carolina,  we can take a hint from this weeks interview of Leninist AFL CIO boss Richard Trumka.  Mincing no words, Trumka makes clear the underlying purpose of these organizations is to “create permenant progressive structure.”   See video here.

Quoting Investors.com:

The political left wants to appear to be moderate, middle of the road. But its goals conflict with the founding principles of this country, principles that have brought freedom and prosperity never seen in human history. The political left wants to destroy this.

As our local and state governments kowtow to leftist groups like Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE), The Minister’s Conference of Winston Salem, and the SEIU, the progressive structure of socialism is quietly embedding itself, replacing our foundations of liberty with state control.

The SEIU and other union bosses are behind the current Senate attempts to change filibuster rules.  Want to know more, click here.

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