(2010) Flawed Theology Undermines Community Support of Clemmons Mayor

December 15, 2010
Clemmons Mayor John Bost recently sponsored a free meal for the homeless marking the emergence of the Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE) Homeless Leaders Caucus. According to Bost, the donation was not from Clemmons municipal funds but of a personal nature. An ordained minister, Bost expressed his motivation was to feed the hungry while representing his faith and does not apologize for his actions.  His humanitarian outreach and Christ based motivations are applauded.

That being said, we do not applaud his choice of venue or association with the stealth progressive political organization CHANGE, a local cell of the “proudly political” and Marxist Industrial Areas Foundation.

Many Christians fall victim to the carefully targeted humanitarian campaigns of progressive “social change” groups such as our local IAF cell. Outwardly using the church and a twisted biblical theology as their moral passport, the true far left socialist redistributive agenda remains hidden behind food banks and outreach for the marginalized.  The religion of these groups is not that of good versus evil with the goal of salvific benefit, but the have’s versus the have nots with the goal of government entitlements and redistribution of wealth.   The achievement of these decidedly political goals requires a focused perpetuation of social discord that when confronted morphs into the familiar progressive mantra of racism, sexism, and oppression.

Mayor Bost ‘s believes the American Christian church has a lack of focus on the mission field at home, particularly in our Forsyth county community.  However Bost has parlayed the evangelical mission of the church into the hands of community organizers whose chief purpose is power and chief product is social change.

The basic tenet of Alinskian Organizing is “the ends justify the means.”   Bost fails to consider Saint Paul’s admonition to leaders of the early Christian church in Romans 3:8 (NIV) that some of them erroneously considered the apostle’s message of salvation by grace through faith alone as condoning sin: “Why not say, ‘Let us do evil that good may result?’” The apostle’s observation “their condemnation is deserved” formed a subsequent tenet of traditional Christian thought that one cannot engage in evil deeds in order to accomplish a good result.

It is sickening and disturbing to see our local elected officials legitimize radical progressive groups such as the IAF and CHANGE by our local politicians.  Mayor Bost will be up for reelection in the near future.  It is our recommendation that he disassociate himself from community groups with hidden agendas contrary to Forsyth County Conservative Christian values.

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