(2010) CHANGE Series:Part 6 Radical Threat to Forsyth County Schools

November 2, 2010

The lead organizer for Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) affiliate Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE), a 501(c)3 Congregation Based Community Organization (CBCO) in Forsyth County, is the Reverend Ryan M. Eller. The group claims to be non-partisan.  A former officer in the United States Navy Chaplain Corps and Wake Forest Divinity School graduate who was ordained in 2007 by First Baptist Church of High Point, Eller gives every appearance of being a credentialed non-partisan leader of a non-partisan organization that helps the poor, disadvantaged, and downtrodden.

Still waters run deep; appearances can be deceiving. Eller is very much a partisan Democrat and operates as a party functionary. Prior to his association with CHANGE, Eller managed the unsuccessful campaign of Democrat Roy Carter in North Carolina’s 5th District against Republican Representative Virginia Fox in 2008. A deeper analysis reveals Eller as the “Third Vice Chair” of the Forsyth County Democratic Party.

To understand Eller one must understand the teachings of radical Socialist and IAF-founder Saul Alinsky.  Truth can be relative, adaptable and malleable to any given situation.

Eller’s participation with Winston Salem State University’s (WSSU) Center of Excellence for the Elimination of Health Disparities suggests at least a professional connection with WSSU (consult a brief biography of Eller from the conference’s Web site: http://www.anticrombie.com/faces/?p=891). 
Forsyth County had had real issues with WSSU’s early voting site.
CHANGE is a member of Democracy Winston Salem, a leftist political interest group and “social justice” grievance outfit.  Founded by the Chairperson of the Forsyth County Board of Elections, Linda Sutton, the camaraderie between Democracy WS and CHANGE is evidence of a shared agenda, mutual activism, and interpersonal relationships.

Considering the current climate of citizen mistrust of the electoral process, the perception of partisan activity by 501(c)3
non-profit organizations will serve to further increase the angst of a
mistrusting public.  Forsyth County has witnessed o
bvious evidence of voter manipulation such as the Democrat voter advisory e-mail blast to some 6,200 students at WSSU promoting Democrat candidates and the “Souls to the Polls” Freedom Sunday,

Is Reverend Ryan Eller “a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” A better question might be: Is the Reverend Ryan Eller the Forsyth County Democratic Party hidden behind CHANGE’s non-profit, non-partisan IRS clothing?

Forsyth County polls will be filled with citizens who choose their candidates based on two fundamental questions:  Can this candidate be trusted in public service with public funds and will he/she represent the entire community and not bow down to special interest groups? 

It has been established in this series of articles for The Conservative Shepherd that the IAF and its local affiliate CHANGE are radical Socialist special interest groups that employ Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals community organizing tactics toward their goal of taking over and radicalizing the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Public School System.

CHANGE is led and supported by Democrat Party operatives Reverend Ryan Eller and Linda Sutton.  Those School Board candidates that support CHANGE’s radical agenda for the WSFC Public Schools will be beholden to this so-called “non-partisan” organization. 

The buck stops here — CHANGE poses a viable threat to our children’s future. They must be opposed, repudiated and defeated. We can vote powerless those we do not trust.   Seven candidates are not CHANGE candidates: Lori Goins Clark, Jeannie Metcalf, Donny Lambeth, Jill Tackaberry, A.L. Buddy Collins, Marilyn A. Parker, and Jane D. Goins.

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