(2010) CHANGE Put on a Show at Green Street Methodist, Series, Part 5

November 2, 2010

Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE) claims to be non-partisan. In their handouts, on their Web site or at their meetings, the radical progressive group does not endorse candidates.  Through their voter guide, they simply asked Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board candidates if they support the organization’s two primary goals: to end Out-of School Suspension (OSS) and explore “alternative student assignment plans that will increase diversity” (requiring the panacea of forced busing and the elimination of school choice) by 2011.

CHANGE’s goals and agenda were promoted through those voter guides, candidate surveys, “Souls to the Polls” Freedom Sundays, and Congregation Based Community Organizing (CBCO). The group is made up of a confederation of leftist interest groups obsessed with the idea of “social justice,” such as Democracy NC’s Winston Salem Voting Rights Coalition(WSVRC).  

The WSVRC was founded by an activist Democrat organizer named Linda Sutton. A well-connected liberal political operative, Sutton also happens to be Chairperson of the Forsyth County Board of Education and Chairperson of the Forsyth County Board of Elections. She has previously served on the NC Election Laws Review Commission and is an active member of the Forsyth County Democratic Women.

As is the case with most CHANGE organizers, Sutton received training from the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), “a social change” organization, founded by radical Socialist Saul Alinsky in 1940. CHANGE’s lead organizer is the Reverend Ryan Eller, a Wake Forest Divinity School graduate who has been introduced at meetings as the “Third Vice-Chair” of the Forsyth County Democrat Party.

The radical progressive group invited both Republican and Democrat candidates to participate in their voter guide survey during their Spring Assembly at their Green Street United Methodist Church headquarters,  43 church congregations were present. 

Predictably, the 501(c) 3 non-profit, “non-partisan” organization used the occasion as a hyper-partisan liberal Democrat soapbox to promote a Socialist agenda on unwitting church congregations under the guise of church-like behavior. Guards were posted at all the doors, seating was assigned and very large men maintained an unnerving control of the sanctuary by keeping a cold eye on the audience. Most conservatives and mainstream Christians would have felt uncomfortable in this kind of atmosphere.

If you were looking for a variety of viewpoints at the gathering, you would have been disappointed. The agenda was unadulterated Socialism, bolstered by rants masquerading as speeches that were littered with tired grievance language such as “racism,” “bullying,” “sexism,” and “oppression.” The emphasis was never on the worth or value of the individual, but how the collective of grievance groups can have their desires satisfied by the State. By any responsible or competent measure, there was nothing “mainstream” about CHANGE’s Spring Assembly.

There is a smug sense of entitlement with this radical group. During early voting at the downtown Government Center, the Winston Salem Police allowed CHANGE-coordinated church buses to stop their vans in the middle of Chestnut Street to unload voters, and to remain there blocking traffic until those voters loaded back up for the trip back to the Spring Assembly — even though there were plenty of parking spaces available.  During the October “Souls to the Polls” Freedom Sunday CHANGE, along with the Forsyth County Democratic Party, blocked downtown streets with stages, played music so loud it was painful, and actively and unashamedly promoted only progressive, Democrat candidates (check out our review of the event, Voter Manipulation, Block-Party Style, which appeared on October 24).

CHANGE claims to be non-partisan, and they have duped the Internal Revenue Service in believing that they are. However, the overwhelming preponderance of the evidence suggests otherwise.  They are a deeply partisan and radical Socialist organization pursuing an agenda that would wreck the WSFC School System and deny you the freedom to choose your child’s school.  Voters in Forsyth County cannot spare this loose CHANGE, and should be aware of this organization’s toxic agenda for our schools.

These folks are after your School Board. They want control of your child. Help us take a stand for the children of Forsyth County. Vote forcandidates who are against the stealth agenda of CHANGE. and the IAF. Vote for Lori Goins Clark, Jeannie Metcalf, and Donny Lambeth School Board at Large, and Jill Tackaberry, A.L. Buddy Collins, Marilyn A. Parker, and Jane D. Goins in District 2.

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